The following is the record of public game progress for April 1st, 2023 through November 30th, 2023.

  • New/updated helpfiles: ferry
  • New items: coral bead bracelets, coral bead necklaces, coral toggles, feather-cowled cloaks, feather-cowled leather cloaks, hooded leather cloaks, leather cloaks, pine straw beds, pine straw mattresses, scrap wood, tin buckles, tin toggles
  • Updated items: bone raven carvings, bone raven pendants, cured sausages, dried grass, fatted meat dumplings, feather cloaks, fur hoods, meat pies, meat kebabs, meat pakoras, meatballs, onion meatballs, pine needles, rodent kebabs, sausage casings, seasoned meatballs, tasseled rugs, tortoiseshell bead necklaces
  • New recall definitions: decorative metal, hardwood, heavyweight fabric, lightweight fabric, raw, softwood, stone chunk, timber, tinder, uncooked, unworked, unworked wood
  • The craft system is now a little smarter about where it checks for liquid ingredients, and will no longer try to pull them from closed containers. Open containers work the same as before. The message printed when a character doesn't have all the needed tools or ingredients for their craft has also been slightly expanded for the sake of clarity.
  • Tanning furs and skins using tannic acid now properly changes the weight of the skin to match the amount given upon completion. Rack tanning has not been touched. Since this directly influences the availability of leather and preserved furs, players are invited to give feedback if these corrected weights are too difficult to work with.
  • The library of Liidhaga now supports Moorva lore and wilderness lore as topics of valid study. The mosaics in two of its rooms also now have a proper screenreader check with an alternate text definition for those who have enabled text-to-speech support.
  • Hawk talons can now be acquired by butchering a hawk's corpse with at least one leg on it, rather than relying on knocking off a limb in combat. How many talons one gets from this depends on how many legs the corpse still has.
  • Objects being dragged to different parts of a room now have smarter location-changing behavior, even if in a relatively smaller area (such as inside a tent or house).
  • Dried grass and pine needles are now piling bulk materials.
  • Unsuccessfully knotting a length of rope now properly yields a length of unknotted rope, rather than destroying the whole thing upon failure. It is also now possible to dismantle a knotted rope to get a loose rope that weighs as much as its knotted source object.
  • Tanning racks now have smarter interrupt behaviors when stringing them so only one string attempt should work at a time. Due to the nature of this change, existing racks will need to be updated to use this new behavior; this can be done by logging out and back in while holding a rack or automatically at the time of our next reboot.
  • Dropcloths no longer automatically id to "table" to prevent confusion when interacting with actual tables in the same room; they still count as tables for crafting, eating, etc. Due to the nature of this change, existing dropcloths will need to be updated to use this new behavior; this can be done by logging out and back in while holding a rack or automatically at the time of our next reboot.
  • The chances of getting steel from iron ore have been increased; while this result is still rare and requires a smelter to be loaded with high skill, it should now be more achievable by players.
  • Smelting in general is now a bit more forgiving when it comes to increasing difficulty based on mass.
  • Rooms with automatic seating now have slightly smarter behavior for when to clone in a new piece of furniture, behave better when trying to lie down on an existing auto-generated seat, and have expanded syntax options for convenience. Automatic seating rooms currently include taverns, hospices, and the galleries of Liidhaga's Plenary Forum.
  • The "dismantle" command is now capable of yielding custom results instead of a basic 1-for-1 with the object's ingredients. This is no easier or more difficult than any other dismantling attempt. When reckoning making an object, if it will yield different items than those already mentioned in its ingredients list when dismantled, these results will be mentioned on a separate line.
  • Crude sledges now yield scrap wood when dismantled. Scrap wood can be used as fuel, similar to firewood, and counts as "wood" (but not "unworked wood") for crafting. This is currently identical to any other dismantling attempt, but may be changed in the future to involve skill tests and/or tools.
  • Vanmalmrby Mine in Ydra will now potentially offer up to twice as much peacock ore in minable rooms in addition to any other minerals. The traits of peacock ore itself are untouched.
  • The "ooc" command now checks if a user is in character creation before prompting to move them to the OOC zone. It can be used to speak OOCly in character creation as usual.
  • The "wear" command now accepts "equip" as an alias, and "help equip" now points to "help wear" in the database.
  • A few more options have been added to the character creation vendor, namely hooded cloaks, shawls, grass sandals, woven twine belts, and broad sashes.

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