The following is the record of public game progress for September 26th, 2022 through November 30th, 2022.

  • New/updated helpfiles: butchering, deposit, dropcloths, empty, fasten, finish, housing, name, roll, stealth, surprise attacks, whisper
  • Updated items: toggled boots, toggled shoes
  • Characters attacking living (or undead) targets who are unaware of their presence, such as if the attacker is hidden or if the target is blindfolded, will now gain an accuracy bonus to their first swing in combat, dealing extra damage if they're unarmed or using a suitably light weapon, such as a knife or blackjack.
  • Animals should once more flee during combat, not just at the start of it, if the appropriate conditions are met.
  • Corpses now properly check if they have their needed body parts before yielding custom butchering results, and butchering severed limbs associated with a given custom result will return the extras; for example, a headless stag corpse won't provide antlers, but its severed head can. Severed heads have been made butcherable to support this change but do not yield any meat to keep in line with the earlier design.
  • Belts can now be removed even if there are things fastened to them, providing a character is using their common sense and has at least one free hand. If a belt only has one thing on it, removing it with two free hands will put the belt in one hand and the fastened object in the other; in any other case, including removing a belt with only a single hand free, the objects will be unfastened from the belt and placed on the ground nearby before removing the belt itself. Rooms that don't have room for a belt's contents or which lack viable floors will abort removal attempts. If there are five or fewer unique item briefs being removed the descriptions of the items will be shown, otherwise the game will write the approximate number of unfastened objects without describing them.
  • Belts now show anything fastened to them when examined, as well as an approximation of how much more they can carry, assuming something is fastened to them in the first place. Their descriptions when looking at someone wearing a belt or when using the "inventory" command are unchanged.
  • Dropcloths now behave a little more intuitively when trying to empty them or empty objects onto them, including common sense support if they're rolled. If a dropcloth does not reflect this change it can be updated by logging out and back in while holding it.
  • The "finish" command now understands the descriptors of "downed," "dying," "helpless," "incapacitated," "unconscious," and "vulnerable" when specifying a target (i.e. "finish downed stag"). Note that in this case "unconscious" does not actually check for unconsciousness, only whether or not the target is helpless.
  • The "whisper" command can now be used without a target or any other text. This displays as the default text color to the user and as what color (if anything) is set for speech to observers, to better disguise whether or not the whispering character is actually talking. Characters watching from other rooms also now properly see others whispering to one another, but cannot hear what's being said no matter how close they are. Additionally, whispering no longer disrupts stealth, so hidden characters can whisper to themselves or others without automatically being revealed.
  • The "fasten" and "unfasten" commands now check if belts and similar objects are in the character's inventory, and will use the appropriate possessive pronoun if so (i.e. "your belt" or "his sash"). Belts that are not in the interacting character's possession use the same a/an behavior as before. The "unfasten" command also now silently moves objects to the character's free hand instead of printing an extra "You take an object" message after unfastening them.
  • The "empty" command now has better common sense checking and messaging if trying to pour a closed container into something else, with additional special casing for having active common sense but no free hands. It also behaves a bit more intuitively with dropcloths.
  • The "name" command no longer requires "as" in its syntax; "name goblin jack" now functions the same as "name goblin as jack" for the sake of intuitiveness.
  • The "deposit" and "withdraw" commands now have slightly more helpful prompts if used without any arguments.
  • Using the "stop following"/"follow none" syntax when not actually following a target now returns a clearer message; this new "not following anyone" message is shown only to the player using the command, as opposed to the whole room.
  • Using the "unroll" syntax on an unrolled object (such as a bedroll or dropcloth) will now state that the object is already unrolled and stop there. The "roll" command behaves as normal, rolling or unrolling objects as necessary.
  • If a closed, solid door is preventing a character from looking into another room, the game now prints a more informative message actually mentioning the door and the specified direction instead of simply saying the character can't look that way.

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