The following is the record of public game progress for May 19th, 2022 through September 25th, 2022.

  • New/updated helpfiles: butchering, explore, hardcore, info, skinning, write, writing surfaces
  • New items: crabshell shields, tortoiseshell beads, tortoiseshell bead bracelets, tortoiseshell bead necklaces, tortoiseshell toggles
  • Updated items: cupellation furnaces, smelting furnaces
  • New encounters: giant maggots, sea turtles
  • Corpses can now yield more unusual results when skinning or butchering them than before: some cannot be skinned (which is mentioned when attempting to skin the corpse) while others don't produce meat (which is discovered after the butchering attempt). Looking at a corpse that won't yield valid meat will mention this if the viewer has a basic amount of butchering skill. Creatures affected in one way or another include butterflies, carrionflies, cave crickets, dragonflies, fireflies, giant maggots, grasshoppers, jellyfish, locusts, mosquitoes, scorpions, and spiders. Non-standard corpses, such as dead (normal-sized) maggots, are unaffected by this change, and corpses that yield no meat when butchered can still be used in recipes that call for them, such as honeyed locusts.
  • Turtles, sea turtles, tortoises, and shield crabs now produce shells instead of hides when skinned. Shells from turtles, sea turtles, and tortoises all count as "tortoiseshell" for the purposes of crafting.
  • Stags and undead stags now yield antlers as well as venison when butchered, while aurochs yield cow horns in addition to their meat. This is not yet tied to whether or not a corpse still has its head.
  • It is now once more possible to drag unconscious livings (player or NPC alike), and as before, characters will stop dragging that living upon the target regaining consciousness. The "drag" command also now uses slightly smarter target-matching and gives a more informative message upon trying to pull someone who's awake and alert.
  • The "launch <vessel>" syntax now interacts slightly better with characters using their common sense. When used on a boat that isn't already next to a room border that touches water, the character will attempt to drag the boat towards the specified direction. They will then stop dragging it upon arrival. Due to the number of automated commands involved, the character must be prompted a second time to actually launch the vessel; this will be updated as soon as a more streamlined behavior can be found.
  • Rowing or paddling a vessel into a new room when the vessel is already on the room border (i.e. heading back west immediately after heading one room east) now uses slightly clearer messaging instead of "You start rowing/paddling [direction]." This is a completely cosmetic change.
  • Stopping rowing or paddling using the "stop rowing/paddling" syntax now checks if a character is a member of a vessel's crew before properly removing them from it.
  • The "write" command now requires slightly less light to use, though it still needs more than reading does.
  • Writing on scrolls, birchbark sheets, and tablets now behaves a little more intelligently when tracking things like ink and remaining space, and properly displays a message if the writer aborts text in progress. These changes do not affect blank books.
  • Characters in hardcore mode now have a message indicating so in their "info" readout. Those not in hardcore mode will receive a message about where they will recover after a brush with death, instead. As recovery locations are provided as a matter of convenience to players than a strictly IC detail, characters are welcome to roleplay around this information however they deem appropriate.
  • Using the "hardcore" command when already in hardcore mode will now say so immediately instead of first asking if a character wants to enable it.
  • Both light and dense fungal forest now have unique encounter sets more in line with other types of wasteland terrain.

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