The following is the record of public game progress for May 28th, 2021 through August 4th, 2021.

  • New/updated helpfiles: check, crafts, deposit, jobs, light, locks
  • It is now possible for characters with paying jobs to put their earnings directly into the bank upon login; this uses the "deposit wages" syntax to activate and "deposit stop" to turn off again. Direct deposit requires an active bank account to set up and is tracked on a per-character, not per-job, basis; once turned on, a character will always deposit their wages, even if they change jobs later or have a lengthy period of non-employment. Requirements, rewards, and frequency of payout are unaffected. "check job" will mention if the character is using this option.
  • The math behind crafting times has been revised: players who are barely able to make an object will complete their task within a set time range, similar to before, but the higher their skills are the more likely they will finish by the minimum time. Using "quickly" or "carefully" modifiers behave as usual, and a character still cannot go any faster than a craft's minimum time requirement when quickly crafting.
  • Using "lock" or "unlock" on a door that only has a bar will now interact with said bar intuitively, regardless of whether or not a character is using their common sense. If a door is both lockable and barrable, these commands will only target the lock on it. Locking-only doors behave the same as usual.
  • The "light" command is now slightly more forgiving, and will allow characters to light torches or similar flammable objects while in watery environments that contain some amount of air (lake surfaces, half-flooded rooms, etc.). Completely submerged areas prevent lighting things as usual.
  • Underwater rooms are now more proactive about extinguishing burning objects, such as torches, that enter them, whether by being dropped, thrown, or carried. Watery rooms with some amount of air do not exhibit this behavior. Due to the nature of this change, this may not be reflected in all underwater rooms until the next reboot.
  • The "check job" syntax now mentions how much a character's current job earns per day, assuming they have one and assuming it pays. As mentioned above, it also now includes a message if the character is automatically depositing earned wages in the bank.

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