The following is the record of public game progress for March 18th, 2021 through May 27th, 2021.

  • New/updated helpfiles: arrange, healing, regeneration, splint
  • Updated objects: overdresses
  • New encounters: undead badgers (Ydra only), undead foxes, undead hinds, undead monkeys (Moorva only), undead stags, undead wolves
  • Undead animals now roam the wilderness! By default, undead creatures don't tire, don't breathe or risk drowning, can regenerate lost limbs, and do not stop moving until their bodies have been completely destroyed, even if their heads have been severed. Undead creatures ignore toxins and take slightly more damage from fire. Upon successfully killing an undead creature it will leave a pre-rotted corpse that is otherwise identical to a normal member of its species (i.e. an undead deer will yield venison and deer fur, not "undead deer meat" or "undead deer fur"). The undead are frequenly more aggressive than they were in life and may even attack people or things their living counterparts tolerate.
  • Splints and bandaging have had a slight overhaul: bandages are now clearer about whether they're splinting a limb, and characters whose limbs have been splinted will have these explicitly mentioned in their descriptions along with any other bandaged limbs. The commands used to interact with bandages also now have slightly better messaging when starting and continuing the process (i.e. "splint my left leg" will say "You start splinting your left leg" instead of the more generic "tending"). Healing rates are uneffected.
  • Boats that sink or are otherwise destroyed now move their non-living contents to the room that contained the boat instead of deleting them outright. Contents moved in this fashion will start to sink shortly afterwards, assuming they aren't buoyant, and livings will automatically begin to swim if they're able to do so. Due to the nature of this change it may not be available for all boats until the next reboot.
  • The "glance" command now works on rowboats and dugouts, showing their interior light levels, approximate area, contents (including passengers), and any extra information such as bilge water or current heading.
  • Fallen trees' descriptions have been slightly updated so their lengths change in synch with how much of the tree has been used. This change is purely cosmetic and does not affect whether they can or cannot be used as crafting materials.
  • The "arrange" command has had its syntax updated to allow for multi-word targets, as well as improved messaging and the ability to garble text based on a character's current written language.
  • Using "remove all from <container>", while not the intended use of the verb, is now significantly less spammy. The "strip <corpse> into <container>" syntax has also been fixed up to once more work properly.
  • Using the "kill" command (or any of its aliases) on a target a character is already actively attacking will now mention that this is so instead of providing no messaging at all. This does not affect switching targets mid-combat.
  • Using the "arrange" command on oneself now automatically calls the "posture" command.
  • Butchered corpses with unique meat types now properly reflect those names in meat harvested from them (i.e. deer now yield "venison" that ids to "deer meat"). The eating messages for meats have also been updated to match, and raw meat is clearer about being raw in its short description. This change is purely cosmetic and has no effect on crafting.
  • Skinning now properly takes the corpse's freshness into account; skins are no longer guaranteed to be fresh if they're taken from an already rotten corpse.
  • Attempting to throw things into non-pitched tents will now have them bounce off the folded material instead of disappearing into a non-existent room. Tossing objects towards tents will see them land nearby, as usual.
  • Interacting with wells now uses slightly clearer messaging when their buckets are empty. It is also possible to empty the contents of a well's bucket so long as said bucket is raised at the time.
  • Successfully dodging an attack from an opponent who is short enough to not reach all of a character's limbs now uses slightly different messaging. Characters fighting equal-sized or larger opponents will receive messages about going "under" a foe's swing as usual. This is a purely cosmetic change and has no effect on combat efficacy.
  • Default messaging for using in and out exits is now slightly more grammatical.
  • Glancing up, down, in, or out, assuming a room has a valid exit in that direction, now uses slightly nicer-looking messaging.
  • Serpentine creatures now slither when moving from room to room on their bellies. Non-serpentine beings that move while lying down will continue to wiggle as usual.

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