The following is the record of public game progress for November 14th, 2020 through January 21st, 2021.

  • New areas: Brimstone Valley (Ydra)
  • New commands: compare
  • New/updated helpfiles: compare, glance, measurements, smelting, stealth, survey, weather
  • New items: berry salads, brimstone, clay jars, clay measuring jugs, cupellation furnaces, garum salads, mushroom salads, simple salads, small clay bowls
  • Updated items: blackberries, cabbage, clay cups, cloudberries, crowberries, crude wooden tankards, drinking horns, flasks, goblets, hackberries, juniper berries, knives, large vials, lingonberries, marsh cabbage, mugs, mustard greens, pinchpot cups, radish greens, raspberries, salt, sea-dhomya, small vials, sorrel, stone basins, stone cups, stone goblets, stone mugs, strawberries, steel knives, steel throwing knives, swampberries, tin cups, vials, wire-inlaid drinking horns, wooden cups, wooden tankards
  • The game has moved to a new IP address as part of some necessary server maintenance by our host. It is now found at, port 8600, and our DNS has automatically updated to use this IP.
  • It is now possible to extract precious metals from baser ores through cupellation, a process which requires a cupellation furnace and uses the same skills and syntax as smelting. Only materials capable of yielding results from cupellation can be loaded into such a furnace. Cupellation is not an exact science and is not guaranteed to produce any actual precious metals, though raw ore resulting as a side-effect of the process (such as litharge) can be smelted as usual. See "help smelting" for more information.
  • Outdoor rooms now track the speed and direction of the local wind, the cloud cover (if any), and precipitation (if any). These weather factors are tracked by wilderness location, or (in the case of non-wilderness outdoor areas) the area's recorded map position. This is part of an overall evolution of weather code; while currently only cosmetic, this will change in the future.
  • The "look" and "glance" commands now mention what, if anything, someone is dragging with them. The "glance" command has also been updated to mention any objects a character is holding, though it doesn't say which hands are holding them, and it still won't display items that are worn, sheathed, fastened, etc.
  • The "exchange" command now has smarter behavior for updating non-piling objects to new piling versions, especially when there are multiples of the same object in the room. Unfinished objects can be targeted with "exchange" in the event they cannot be completed due to their target filenames changing before completion. This command also uses slightly different logic for when it should move a replacement object, and to where.
  • The "survey" command has a new syntax: "survey leagues" will display the full ASCII wilderness map paired with how many leagues (that is to say, wilderness rooms) away a character can currently see. This will display even if screenreader mode is active and is intended to help any players who want temporary access to the map but would rather not completely disable screenreader mode. Default screenreader "survey" info has also been updated to mention a character's field of vision.
  • In the event a character has been trapped outside their own cheap housing, it is now possible to pay a small fee to have an NPC force the door open. This only works for characters on the deed of a property, and is only available if the door is actively barred; the room's property list will mention whether or not a door can be forced. Some doors may need to be manually reloaded to take advantage of this feature.
  • Characters can now "compare" one container with another to evaluate which of the two is currently holding the most (if applicable) and whether one can potentially hold more than the other. This works similar to "weigh" in that it's an estimation, and extremely close or low measurements may not be accurately noticed by a character.
  • The "drink" command now mentions the amount and color of liquid in a container when a character starts drinking from it. Drinking from rooms also now cues a unique capacity message. This only displays to the character drinking and only when they first begin to drink, similar to how fluid flavors work.
  • Certain liquid containers (see the updated items list for which) have been updated to show the amount and color of their contents in their brief descriptions, assuming they have any. This currently only applies to containers that are always open, especially if they have transparent bodies (such as vials).
  • Tanning racks now behave properly if one tries to use "get" on their contents instead of using "unstring" to claim them; at this time this simply prints a descriptive failure message and refuses to move the targeted skin, even if a character is using their common sense. This change is on a base object level and will go into effect the next time the rack is reloaded, such as by logging out and back in while holding one.
  • Putting piling objects into containers holding more of the same object will no longer claim you put the total amount into the container; for example, putting two silver stars into a wallet containing other coins will say you put "two silver stars" into the wallet, not "a pile of coins."
  • The "lie" command now displays a proper "object not here" message if given an invalid target instead of piping through to the "say" command; the previous behavior of this syntax didn't have any mechanical difference from normal speech so nothing has been lost. There is also proper support for "lie <ground/floor>" and its variants so "lie down on ground" no longer yields a failure message.
  • Sneaking while a character is using their common sense will now automatically toggle travel mode off. This can be overridden using the "anyway" modifier as usual.
  • Characters being hustled off a ferry will now automatically assume their best possible posture upon moving to the arrival room. Some issues with the schedule display on the Albatross have also been addressed.
  • Vinegar and spinach can now be purchased in both Kungesvald and Liidhaga, and garum (as well as larger supplies of lamp oil) is sold by the Liidhaga oil refinery. The Bird of Paradise in Liidhaga has also had a few types of salad added to its offerings.

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