The following is the record of public game progress for May 6th, 2020 through July 16th, 2020.

  • New areas: Drottinnsbarrow Mine (Ydra), Suklahadri Quarry (Moorva), Vanmalmrby Mine (Ydra), and a small work camp near Vanmalmrby
  • New commands: carefully, mine, quarry, quickly, sort
  • New/updated helpfiles: alcohol, butchering, containers, dislodge, housing, make, mining, orestone, quarry, say, shop, skinning, sort, who
  • Updated items: acorns, aglaophotis, aglaophotis resin, amaranth, apple sausages, areca nuts, arnica, bags of acorn flour, bags of barley flour, bags of chickpea flour, bags of millet flour, bags of oat flour, bags of oats, bags of rice, bags of rice flour, bags of rye flour, bags of salt (not craftable bulk salt), bags of wheat flour, bags of white rice, beets, bird peppers (should automatically update), bits of cheese, black cheese, black pepper, blightbalm, candied ginger roots, carrots, cheese, cheese sausages, cinnamon bark, cured sausages, dill, distaves, driftwood, fatted meat dumplings, fennel bulbs, flax, fish sausages, fur-lined capes, ginger, gorse, hardened lavender cheese, hardtack, hemp, holy basil, honeycombs, honeyed locusts, honeyed scorpions, honeyed spiders, jerky, lavender, lemongrass stalks, long wooden handles, mandrake, milkwort, moss, mushrooms, nutmeg, onions, ormewort, oyster mushrooms, parsley, parsnips, pennywort, pepper cheese, picks, quartzes, radishes, rolling pins, rosemary, saffron, sage, sausage casings, sausages, short wooden handles, small bags of acorn flour, small bags of barley flour, small bags of chickpea flour, small bags of millet flour, small bags of oat flour, small bags of oats, small bags of rice, small bags of rice flour, small bags of rye flour, small bags of wheat flour, small bags of white rice, spearmint, thyme, turnips, uncooked rice, uncooked white rice, venison sausages, vanilla, vervain, wild carrots, wild onions, wild rice stalks, wood chunks, wooden grips, wooden handles, wooden spoons, yarrow, Yddr goat cheese
  • Mining ore and quarrying stone are now available to players! These can be experienced in the new areas made for them, with two mines in Ydra and a quarry in Moorva. See "help mining" and "help quarry" for more information on each activity.
  • The commands "carefully" and "quickly" now serve as additional aliases to "make carefully/quickly"; these allow for slightly more intuitive syntax in certain situations. For example, "carefully make fur hat for Gunnar" is identical to "make carefully fur hat for Gunnar." The existing uses of "quickly" and "carefully" with the "make" command are unchanged.
  • Crafting an object that normally start decaying upon creation (i.e. food) now tracks said object's decay while it's in an unfinished state, and will carry over their decay rates upon completion. Unfinished objects that are capable of decay mention their freshness levels in their descriptions. Craftable objects that do not normally decay are unaffected by this change.
  • Containers' long descriptions now describe how full they are on a new line after their contents listing, assuming they're holding visible contents at the time. This tracks both the weight carried and number of objects inside of them and describes whichever value is higher. Specialized containers such as knife sashes mention how many more "slots" they have available, assuming they can carry more than one item at a time, as well as approximate remaining capacity; sheathes, scabbards, and similar single-object containers do not do so since their space is a bit more intuitive.
  • The "say" command now interprets parentheticals at the beginning of speech as action markers; for example, "say (rolling her eyes) I can't believe this..." Parentheticals can target other livings or objects the same way emotes do. If parentheses are used anywhere other than the beginning of the sentence, or if there is nothing written after them (i.e. "say (maybe you meant to, though?)"), the game will display them normally. This also supports smileys, though they must be outside of the first set of parentheses to work. See "help say" for further documentation.
  • The "skin", "butcher", and "dislodge" commands are now smart enough to look for corpses matching a given input if "corpse" isn't specified. For example, "skin rabbit" will work if a rabbit corpse is in the room or in a character's hand, but not if the only rabbits around are alive or otherwise unskinnable.
  • The "who" command now prints a unique message if no named characters are currently in-game, as opposed to not displaying anything at all, to better communicate how the command works to newer players. This change is recognized by screenreader mode.
  • A new NPC, Conrad, has been added to Yost's Coin and Jewelry in Kungesvald. He buys decorative metals, tin, and lead, and may accept more things in the future. Bars of raw metal other than iron and steel have been moved his shop from the Black Bull Smithy.
  • Svanhild the Tanner's in Kungesvald now sells whole preserved rabbit, goat, and deer furs. These are essentially identical to player-preserved skins for crafting purposes, similar to the existing cowhides.
  • Characters who are at least slightly tipsy (that is, who have had enough alcohol to be detrimental to their stats) will now have this mentioned in their "info" readout. This only tracks how much alcohol is currently active in their system, not how much they've had in total; a character can become drunker over time than originally reported.
  • Temporary messages added to one's "info" readout, such as mention of drunkenness or recovering from a brush with death, now persist between logins as appropriate.
  • The "say" command now has a common sense check for characters told to speak aloud while holding their breath (such as while underwater).
  • Certain objects that previously required whole branches to craft now require "unworked wood" as an ingredient instead. Branches count as unworked wood, as do craftable wood chunks; firewood intentionally does not. Updated objects now inherit traits from the wood used to make them and default to pine if none is specified.

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