The following is the record of public game progress for August 1st, 2019 through September 30th, 2019.

  • New Items: bindles, workbenches
  • Updated Items: altars, brass discs (were "metal discs"), braziers, clay ovens, crude lock picks, desks, forges, glassblower's pipes (were "glassblowers [sic] pipes"), kilns, large tanning racks, low round tables, low tables, pit forges, round tables, small tanning racks, stone tables, tables, tambourines, tanning racks
  • New/updated helpfiles: channels, crafts, follow, get, idle, lead, measurements, point, reckon, tables, travel
  • The "reckon" command now has a new syntax: "reckon making <craftable object>" will cause a character to stop and think for a bit before displaying the required skills (and their approximate difficulties), whether or not their current skill is below the general difficulty of the craft, the tools and/or ingredients required (if any), and how long the process would take that character to complete. Characters with higher intelligence stats receive their results sooner, though IQ does not influence the amount or accuracy of the information received.
  • Characters crafting objects with extremely lengthy time requirements will no longer risk being logged out for inactivity so long as they are actively crafting. Crafting characters receive a custom warning message after 25 minutes of idleness. This does not prevent a character from idling out once they stop crafting, be it due to success, failure, or something interrupting them. This also does not protect the craft or any tools used to make it from room cleanup if the character idles out; players are encouraged to consider locations such as tents or rooms with cairns for their lengthier projects.
  • Some adjustments have been made to how the game recognizes enumerated targets ("second torch" or "pheasant 3"), and more commands should properly recognize them rather than erroneously claiming "There are not that many of those." This is a change on the parser level and may have unexpected consequences; players are encouraged to report any oddities, or any other commands that have enumeration problems, via the bug board (see "help note" for details).
  • Tables and sufficiently table-like objects now support drinking, sipping, tasting, smelling, opening, closing, and repairing objects on them. These and other features are further documented in "help tables" for the reader's convenience.
  • Looking at something on a table or table-like object will now display what one is looking at to the room; looking at things in normal containers is unaffected.
  • Trying to get specific numbers of objects from containers now uses slightly better behavior; "get candle 3 from box" will both get a candle from the box and ensure it's the third candle present (as per "look candle 3 in box") as opposed to the first one the game sees.
  • When getting specific numbers of objects from a container (i.e. "get 2 candles from box"), the game will stop trying to get objects once the specified total is reached (assuming a character has enough free hands) and will be less likely to say a character's hands are full if they only wanted two (or whatever number is equal to their available hands) items. Using an unspecified number of objects (i.e. "get pebbles from bag") also properly shows the name of the container and defaults to however many free hands the character has.
  • The "point" command now has better messaging for pointing at worn or held inventory, including body parts (both the actor's and others'). It also checks to see if an object is being held before allowing a character to point it at someone or something else. Some cosmetic options (like eyes, ears, and stomach) have also been added for roleplaying convenience.
  • Characters who have offered to lead others now see a message when they are followed by those they've targeted with the "lead" command, provided said others are visible (or, if hiding, detected by the leader) and the leader can see their surroundings. This is only seen by the leader and will not appear to people being followed by those they aren't leading; it is still possible to stealthily pursue a target.
  • Taking objects from one's surroundings while one's hands are full via "get another <thing>" or "get <thing> from here" now has an additional message clarifying that the object is on the ground nearby, rather than saying the character's hands are full while silently moving the item to the room. Some rooms may not reflect this change until the next reboot.
  • Using "travel off" while following a road will no longer stop a character's movement once they enter the next wilderness room, though "travel stop" will. The "travel" command on its own also now uses clearer language about whether or not a character is following a road, and if so, their current speed and direction.
  • Characters moving around while holding identical objects will now show that they're "holding a couple of <held objects>" instead of "holding a <held object> and a <held object>"; this also applies to identical held shields or weapons, which show a character as "wielding a couple of <held objects>" whenever they move.
  • The "repair" command should now better report what tools or materials it can't find, rather than returning one or more complaints about items already at hand.
  • Gathering clay now looks for individual clumps, which will combine themselves into a pile upon being found. "gather clay patch" has been aliased to "gather clay" for convenience. This change may influence the availability of clay and players are encouraged to report whether the process feels unnecessarily easy or difficult.
  • Charcoal clamps now properly display repair messages regardless of whether they are being manually repaired or automatically repaired through tending. They also have clearer short descriptions based on whether or not they are unlit, burning, or burned out. The actual efficacy of repairs has remained unchanged.
  • Bulk objects updated via the "exchange" command (such as thread or fabric) will now retain their original weights, while exchanged liquid containers will now retain both the types and amounts of liquids in them before being exchanged.
  • Immobile objects updated via the "exchange" command now have slightly smarter behavior for moving into their environments and not into the inventory of whoever is exchanging them.
  • Using the "shop" command in a player shop that has nothing stocked in it now notes that there is nothing for sale instead of the potentially misleading message about there being nothing to shop from in the room. Rooms that are not designated to be shops and which lack vendor objects return the original message as usual.
  • A character using their common sense will now put down a tanning rack if they are commanded to "pitch" one while still holding it, provided the tanning rack has either been crafted since this notice or has been exchanged for the most recent version. Tents do not currently have a similar function.
  • It is now possible to use the "smell" and "listen" commands while hidden without revealing oneself. They can also now be used without interrupting tasks that allow the use of "say," "look," and and similar commands.

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