The following is the record of public game progress for February 4th, 2019 through April 17th, 2019.

  • New Areas: the Three Lakes shrine (Ydra)
  • Revised Areas: Cormorant Island (Moorva, previously sea caves)
  • New Gatherables: gorse, lingonberries, straw
  • New Items: bedrolls
  • Updated Items: blankets, fishing poles, fur quivers, large tanning racks, skewers (were "slender wooden spits"), small tanning racks, tanning racks
  • New/Updated Helpfiles: bedrolls, check, ferries, fill, get, jobs, roll, tents
  • A new ferry has been added to the game: the Hart's Shadow, providing daily service between Moorness and Kungesvald. It has all the features of the Albatross (which still services Moorness and Liidhaga) and costs the same amount to ride (one moon in either direction).
  • Players wanting more portable sleeping options can now buy or craft bedrolls. Using "roll" (with "unroll" as a valid alias) on a secured bedroll will roll it out, and using the same command on an unrolled target will pack it back up for storage. Rolled bedrolls cannot be used as furniture, instead functioning as simple containers that conceal their contents; a rolled bedroll is also only effectively half as heavy as an unrolled one. See "help bedrolls" for more information.
  • A character trying to put something into a tent that would prevent them from being able to fit inside will now have a common sense check to stop them from doing so; like all common sense checks, this can be overridden via "commonsense off" or by appending "anyway" to the end of the command. If there isn't enough room for the object itself, it still won't fit, regardless of whether or not the character is using their common sense.
  • The "get from tent" syntax once more works as documented. The game will now also display a message to anyone inside a tent if an object is added or removed from their surroundings, though it will not reveal who relocated the item in question. If the object is too heavy for them to pick up, but not completely immobile, this will move it to the ground next to the character and tire them out based on the weight of the object; in the event this would knock them unconscious, a character using their common sense will choose not to overexert themselves and leave the object where it is.
  • One can now "glance" at a pitched tent to see how dark it is inside. If there's enough light to see by, this will also display the area size, clutter level (if any), and contents of the tent. Glancing at a struck tent works like glancing at any other item.
  • It is once more possible to fish from rowboats, dugouts, or off the decks of ferries.
  • Bits of bread and bits of cheese no longer require light to make.
  • Pitching a tent now checks a character's hands for tent poles in addition to the room, though it still requires a free hand to do so. Tent poles on the ground must also be next to the character to count. Tents that were acquired before this change can be updated using the "exchange" command after being struck.
  • It is no longer possible to enter the OOC area while dragging something, keeping in line with the existing inability to start dragging things while already there.
  • The "check" command can now be targeted at objects, and its existing behavior of checking how much money is in a bank account or shop treasury accepts more aliases. Relatedly, it is now possible to "check schedule" when in a room where a ferry docks to get an approximate idea of when it will next arrive or leave. If a character has bought passage on the ferry's next trip, this will also be displayed in the "check schedule" information.
  • The "check" command now also accepts "job" as an argument, and will display a character's current job (if any); it will also display an additional warning if they are too far away to collect a payout. "check jobs" (plural) behaves the same way as using "apply" on its own, in that it will list any available jobs in the room.
  • A character attempting to buy passage on a ferry multiple times for the same voyage will now be informed by the game that they've already paid instead of it taking their money again.
  • Fishing now uses slightly clearer messages to say when a character stops fishing without having caught anything. Instances where a fish steals bait without being caught in the process also explicitly state that the bait has been taken. Existing fishing poles may be updated via the "exchange" command to inherit this new behavior.
  • The "get" and "slip" commands now check whether or not a bandage is being worn before grabbing it to prevent people accidentally relocating their dressings. "Remove" will take a bandage off of a limb, and unworn bandages (fresh or otherwise) can be transported as usual.
  • The "roll" command will now attempt to wake someone up if used on a sleeping target. Much like using the "wake" command, a sleeper will receive a message that their rest is being disturbed, though they won't know who or what is doing so.
  • The Ocean's Balm Hospice in Liidhaga and the Roghian Hospice in Kungesvald now automatically create cots for characters who sit, lie down, or "take a seat" in them, much like seating in taverns.
  • The "quit " syntax for the "quit" command works properly once more. It has the same behavior as "quit this character" in that it logs out the active character and returns the user to the character selection menu. This command requires the account password to be entered. It does not delete or otherwise inconvenience the character who has been quit.

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