The following is the record of public game progress for July 17th, 2018 through September 30th, 2018.

  • New areas: Krovgory Passage (Ydra)
  • Updated areas: Mahavhi (Moorva)
  • New commands: gender, quittime, traits
  • New/updated helpfiles: banks, butchering, check, clothe, deposit, dhaja, forestry, gender, glance, history, levels, mountaineering, player shops, quittime, recall, save, shops, skinning, stock, swamp travel, think, traits, width, withdraw
  • New items: tassels
  • Updated items: rice and cabbage, rotting rope
  • At long last, players can now rent shops in both major cities. Shops have a rental fee deducted from their treasuries once every IC month and can be used to stock any object a player can physically pick up and carry with them, and prices can be set anywhere from free to 10,000 pence per item. It is strongly advised not to stock tents or boats at this time. Currently shops are available on Market Street in Kungesvald and the Lotus Market of Liidhaga.
  • Crafting attempts now have additional code to better reflect character ability at the start of the process. This does not influence skill gain but should reduce the likelihood of otherwise competent characters having first-continue failures on basic tasks they know they're capable of completing.
  • Personal histories are now properly tracked on a per-character basis and can be viewed using the "recall my history" command. By default all characters have birthdays, and significant events like brushes with death are also tracked. Deaths that occurred before this code was edited have not been saved due to issues with the old data's formatting; players may interpret their inability to remember past deaths however they wish, up to and including ignoring the phenomenon entirely.
  • Tying into the above update, characters who complete a task in certain areas will receive a memory of the deed in their histories. This will only be added the first time they successfully do so.

    Places that currently use this feature include the following:

    • Moorva: the bone beach, the cave of the spring, Jhansareeth, Mahavhi
    • Ydra: Bytun Glen, Krovgory Passage, the shrine of Isengrim, Ulfrloekr
  • A voting button for the MUD Connector has been added to the front page. This may be clicked once every 24 hours to help promote our game in their database. Please remember to follow TMC's voting guidelines. Voting (or choosing to abstain) does not affect gameplay in any way.
  • Skinning and butchering have had their free-hands requirements slightly updated to check their environments. Players who are holding a knife or similar tool do not need an empty hand to use either command, while players who are using their claws or a tool on the ground next to them must have at least one free, unbroken limb to do so.
  • Specialty containers, such as scabbards, now use clearer language if one tries to sheath an object in one that it can hold but currently lacks the room for. It will only display this message if all possible specialty containers are full.
  • Some public areas have been converted to use "autoseating" code that, instead of relying on a set number of furniture objects, will automatically create a new seat at the player's location. Seats created in this manner are non-portable and will delete themselves once they are vacant. In the case of rooms that use larger seating, such as benches, players may "sit on new seat" if they don't want to share with someone already seated. Players who want to sit on the ground may use "sit down" or "sit on ground" to override this behavior entirely.

    Places that currently use this feature include the following:

    • Kungesvald: the Dog's Tooth Tavern, the Three Brass Bells
    • Liidhaga: the Bird of Paradise, Lavishnoor's Kebabs, the Wolf's Tail
  • Players who wish to change their character's gender after leaving character generation may now do so using the "gender" command, or be assigned a random choice from male, female, and otherwise by using "random" or "any" as the command argument. Changing gender does not affect nicknames other players may have previously assigned the character.
  • The "traits" command can now be used to get a quick overview of a character's physical abilities. This does not include stats, gender, descriptions, or resistances from armor.
  • Players who want to check if they have any logout delays can now do so via the "quittime" command. This will show if they have a delay from recent character actions (such as combat), and if so, how long that delay will be. If a character will log in somewhere other than their current room (such as due to logging out in a tent), this command will also show the brief description of where they will return to play, regardless of whether or not they have an active delay.
  • The "think" command is now colored in whatever color (if any) has been assigned to emotes, provided ansi is enabled, and will accept "about" as a modifier to determine how it displays thoughts. The ability to use parenthetical descriptors for thoughts has also been better documented. See "help think" for expanded syntax and details.
  • The "condition" command now displays the names of objects in its readout for the convenience of players checking multiple things at a time.
  • The "watch" command now properly displays speech spoken in watched rooms, and speech and emotes observed by watchers now both properly observe custom color settings. Normal language barriers apply.
  • The "shout" command now uses whatever custom color settings an account has set for speech.
  • Using the "go" command on a climbable object will now check a character's common sense; if they are using it, they will automatically try to climb whatever the object is, with all the danger (or lack thereof) this entails. The "approach" command works with climbable objects as usual, active common sense or not.
  • The "clothe" command should once more function as documented. It will also behave like the "wear" command if used on oneself rather than prompting players to use the intended syntax.
  • Grammar for the "glance" command should look a little better when used on other-gendered characters.
  • The "discard" command is now a little more aggressive with its pattern matching. This should help with previous issues involving scavengable items that refused to be properly discarded despite being originally gotten from the current room.
  • Players who want to revisit the tutorial can now do so from the first room of character generation. Visiting the tutorial in this manner will not affect holdover skills, equipment, etc. if they have yet to be reset from surrendering a character, but this should not cause any problems with new instances.
  • Mahavhi is now a potential player location for the "where" command.
  • Dhajas now have a partial resistance to damage from sources of lightning, though this is currently more of a curiosity and roleplaying prop than a gameplay element. The utility of this trait is likely to change in the future.
  • Fish meat is now recognized as "raw fish" by the game; the meats from eels, sharks, and crabs are not counted as "fish" for the purposes of crafting.
  • Mirrors now use better formatting if a player looks into one without a set custom description.
  • Lavishnoor's Kebabs in Liidhaga now properly offers the low-paying cook job it was supposed to.
  • Clay bowls and clay amphoras can now be discarded in the Bird of Paradise in Liidhaga, while greasy wooden spits and clay cups can be discarded in Lavishnoor's Kebabs.

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