The following is the record of public game progress for April 16th, 2018 through July 16th, 2018.

  • New areas: Bytun Glen (Ydra)
  • Updated areas: the Isengrim Shrine (Ydra), Sovkaldr (Ydra)
  • New gettable items: gravel
  • New/updated helpfiles: boats, charcoal burning, combat actions, condition, desert travel, forestry, hiking, intelligence, mountaineering, null, reboots, skinning, swamp travel, temperature, temperature levels
  • New items: brass sundials, goblets, hairbrushes, nail clubs, pitched torches, simple sundials
  • Updated items: breechcloths, bird's nests (now discardable), braziers, colored glass, fishing poles, flasks, fur mittens, glass arrowheads, glass tokens, hourglasses, large vials, rose petals, sacks, slings, sling bullets, small glass panels, small vials, snakeskin gowns, snakeskin moneybags, snakeskin pants, vials, woven lures
  • Lament will now be performing triannual server updates/reboots in addition to any other game restarts that might be necessary for the sake of emergency maintenance, bugfixes, new feature implementation, etc. See "help reboots" for the schedule.
  • Slings now state what is being put into them during their load messages, and properly check if an object is fastened in addition to being worn before trying to use it as ammunition.
  • A character's intelligence can now influence how many special attacks they can plan in advance. Humans, goblins, and menhit of species-average intelligence remain at five attacks, while default dhajas receive seven. This does not influence how well the attacks are handled, just how many can be queued at once.
  • Lockable doors now properly register as being unlocked from both sides if unlocked. Locking them back again behaves the same as always. Locking and unlocking objects (doors or otherwise) now also displays who did so and, if a key was used, with what object; lock messages have been clarified to "click open" and "clack closed" as appropriate. Characters using their common sense will also attempt to automatically unlock locked objects when told to open them.
  • Open liquid containers can now be referred to by their fullness descriptions ("empty cup," "full bottle," etc.) in addition to their normal keywords. These update based on the addition to or removal of a container's contents just like the object's descriptions. Closed liquid containers can also be referred to as "empty" if they are empty.
  • Non-severed limbs on a living subject now mention their overall condition after listing their current injuries. Uninjured limbs behave as normal.
  • Fastenable objects can now properly be emptied while on the ground in addition to while being held. They cannot be emptied while still fastened to something; this is by design.
  • Fishing poles no longer "forget" that they have been baited, and with what, between logins. Bait can still be removed from poles as usual via "get from pole."
  • Skins now better inherit descriptors from their source corpses. For example, a giant viper can now yield "viperskin," "snakeskin," and "serpentskin" in addition to the existing "giant viper skin" and "giant viperskin."
  • Meat now better inherits descriptors from its source corpse. For example, a wild ram's meat can be referred to as "mouflon sheep meat," "mouflon meat," "sheep meat," "wild ram meat," and "ram meat." Deer meat is also recognized as "venison" by the game. This currently only influences the keyword listing and not brief descriptions.
  • Maggots pulled from corpses are now portable items, similar to beetle grubs, instead of livings that need to be killed before they can function as bait.
  • Making ranged attacks against shopkeepers is now properly disabled across different weapons, in line with other aggressive actions.
  • The "emote" command now behaves a little more intelligently when referring to other-gendered characters, and is better able to handle capitalized pronouns at the beginning of sentences. It also now recognizes the contraction "he'd/she'd/they'd," and characters who emote that they kneel will now have their posture changed accordingly to fit existing behaviors for sitting/stading/etc.
  • When purchasing items from shops, if a character needs to have change made from their current coins they will now try to collect and store their money before picking up whatever it is they've bought.
  • Doors properly display messages upon breaking, and anyone attacking a door when it breaks will now properly stop combat and be given a message that they have done so.
  • Attempting to tan multiple skins at once now properly interrupts itself, identical to how butchering, skinning, and scraping behave.

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