The following is the record of public game progress for January 8th, 2018 through April 16th, 2018.

  • New Areas: the Lotus Market (Liidhaga)
  • Revised Areas: the bone beach (Moorva)
  • New Commands: options
  • New Gatherables: birchbark
  • New Items: birchbark sheets, clay bottles, clay tablets, scrolls, steel-edged falcatas, steel falcatas, wax tablets
  • Updated items: bone-tipped arrows, colored glass (now craftable), decorated wooden arrows, falcatas, flint-tipped arrows, glass-tipped arrows, iron-tipped arrows, iron-tipped bolts, quills, rushlights, smelting furnaces, steel-tipped arrows, steel-tipped bolts, stone-tipped arrows
  • New/Updated Helpfiles: date, discard, jobs, knock, options, pluck, scrape, smelting, time, writing surfaces
  • Smelting furnaces have received a massive overhaul, including better allowances for character skill, more reliable results, additional text displayed to skilled characters, and fatigue added to pumping a bellows. See news 77 and "help smelting" for further details.
  • Single-page objects that can be written on are now craftable, and at the time of this writing these include birchbark sheets, clay tablets, scrolls, and wax tablets. Based on its type, a writable object may require different tools to write on, and some also require an additional supply of media, such as ink. Scrolls wear out quills over time, but tablets and birchbark do not. Those made with more malleable materials can also be erased and written on as many times as desired. See "help writing surfaces" for further details.
  • Mineral dust required in making colored glass is now for sale in Liidhaga to go along with colored glass being craftable. The old item-specific method has been deprecated, rendering green glass, red glass, and dye pellets are no longer craftable; red and green are still possible options for colored glass provided the crafter has the appropriate dust type on hand.
  • The "time" command now recognizes the arguments "played" and "playing" and will display information about an account's time since last login, as well as their total recorded play time across all characters from the point of last login. It is also now possible to use "time convert" to see units of RL time displayed in game time, and vice versa; "help time" has the syntax for this.
  • The "date" command now recognizes the "date convert" syntax to convert RL dates into IC ones, and vice versa; "help date" has the syntax for this. Converted RL dates provide a range of six possible IC days to reflect the game's 1:6 time compression. The way the game converts dates back and forth is somewhat complex so this command may require slight calibrations during the first few weeks of its implementation.
  • Characters who are climbing now use a custom posture for this to help prevent issues with instantly falling upon climbing into an interstitial room, such as the tree in Jhansareeth. A related bug that involved "dribbling" hapless climbers between rooms has also been amended.
  • Pre-made patches are now a valid material for repairing extremely damaged fabric goods. Each repair attempt uses an entire patch as well as a modest amount of thread. Repairs made with sewing can still use generic "cloth" and the game considers this the default consumable material for mending fabric.
  • Characters who choose literacy in character generation can now start with writing supplies if they invest enough points in said skill.
  • The bed-closets in Kungesvald's Three Brass Bells can now be barred and unbarred from the inside. This can be done by anyone in the room and does not require a key.
  • Arrows and crossbow bolts that are fletched with feathers now inherit the color and type of their fletching in their descriptions.
  • By popular request, all past progress reports have been made available on the website, and the Updates main page now serves as a master index instead of a mirror of the most recent report. As many of the earlier reports were kept before a standardized format was settled upon, they may not be as intuitively-arranged.

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