The following is the record of public game progress for August 2nd, 2017 through January 7th, 2018.

  • New Areas: Rodullvegr (Ydra), Ulfrloekr (Ydra)
  • Revised Areas: the Kungesvald sinkhole
  • New Gatherables: pine resin, sage
  • New Items: dugouts, knotted rope, more pitch, pitch, rope, stone adzes, stone adze heads
  • Updated Items: aglaophotis resin, bandages, blank books, bolts of burlap (now combine by color), bolts of canvas (now combine by color), bolts of cotton (now combine by color), bolts of linen (now combine by color), bolts of muslin (now combine by color), bolts of silk (now combine by color), bolts of wool (now combine by color), carded wool (now combines), charcoal, charcoal clamps, clubs, firewood, glass-tipped arrows, iron-tipped arrows, iron-tipped bolts, large charcoal clamps, leather backpacks, leather pants, leather rope, logs, small charcoal clamps, steel-tipped arrows, steel-tipped bolts, thick bolts of cotton (now combine by color), thick bolts of silk (now combine by color), thin rope (was "thin hempen rope"), yarn (now combines by color)
  • New/Updated Helpfiles: area lore, balance, books, campfires, charcoal burning, healing, make, retaliate, rope tying, smelting
  • The village of Rodullvegr in Ydra can now be located using "reckon" and players in or near it will appear on the "where" readout.
  • It is now possible to leap into the waters of the Kungsvald Quay by using "jump into quay" or "jump down" in any room along the wharf. Jumping without specifying a target or direction will not result in movement.
  • Metallurgists working a smelting furnace now receive an extra message when they stop pumping the bellows due to the process nearing completion.
  • Charcoal clamps (of any size) can now be passively kept from collapse by using the "tend" command; the old active method is technically more efficient and still available for those who prefer it. Clamps that are actively being burned can now be referred to as "lit" or "burning" clamps, while those that have successfully finished id to "burned," "burnt-out," or "finished" clamps; they display a room-wide message when they finish burning. Opening a clamp can now be interrupted (via the "stop" command or otherwise), gives the character opening the clamp an in-room description showing they're doing so, and upon completion will mention the size of a successful charcoal yield before it combines with any other charcoal in the room.
  • Skins and furs now use IC measurements and have a suitably informative freshness message when looked at. A tanned hide (i.e. a tanned fur scraped of hair, not a skin that was hairless before being tanned) also no longer claims to be "leather" when looked at since it isn't recognized as such by shops and crafting code.
  • Preserved skins (leather, tanned furs, etc.) will no longer be destroyed by the "discard" command; untanned skins can be discarded as normal.
  • The default "object breaking" message has been updated from "splinters" to the more intuitive "is destroyed." Custom break messages behave as normal.
  • Bandages now use slightly better and clearer wording for their descriptions and associated messages, including their long descriptions mentioning more about how used they are. Limbs with bandages applied to them also mention this when looked at in addition to the summary in the bandage-wearer's description.
  • The syntax "open book to page #" now functions the same as "turn book to page #" when the book is already open. Blank books can now be set on fire, similar to non-blank books, and have more commonsense checks for interacting with them. Writing in a blank book now requires a quill to be at hand; at the time of this writing it does not check for ink.

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