The following is the record of public game progress for January 1st, 2017 through August 1st, 2017.

  • New Encounters: sharks, wild geese
  • New Commands: limp
  • New Gatherables: sandstone
  • New Items: butter churns, crates, more dirt (identical to dirt with higher base mass), more mud (identical to mud with higher base mass), more sand (identical to sand with higher base mass), small wooden boxes, tinderbox pendants, wooden tubes, woven bandoliers
  • Updated Items: apple sausages, beeswax candles, bowstrings, butter (now craftable), chamomile flowers, cheese sausages, cooking pots, cured sausages, daisies, fish sausages, garlic rolls (were "garlic bread"), hempen twine (now combines into balls), knife sheaths, large wooden boxes, leather shirts, sausages, straw (now combines into piles), tin boxes (were container-type "tinder boxes"), tinderboxes (now craftable), twine (now combines into balls), venison sausages, wheelbarrows, whetstones (now craftable), wooden boxes, wood chunks, wooden knife sheaths (were "crude wooden sheaths")
  • New/Updated Helpfiles: chandling, condition, disarm, donations, encumbrance, gather, land speed, limp, literacy, moving, reckon, run, sprint, stop, tents, tutorial, wade, walk, wear
  • Weight and encumbrance formulae have been adjusted, particularly involving dragging, worn items, and carrying capacity. Characters now have less trouble dragging heavy objects; as worn items now have their weights calculated differently, characters can also carry more than before to make up the difference.
  • Movement speeds have been renamed: the previous slow walking pace is now known as limping (and can be adopted using the "limp" command), while jogging is now known as walking and has been made the default movement speed. "Jog" is still a valid command and aliases to "walk" when used.
  • Throwing objects into cluttered rooms will now fail if there is less than a set threshold of empty space in the room in question. Items thrown into overfull rooms will bounce back into the original room as a result.
  • One can use "get" and "put" with tents similar to other open containers. This only effects tents that have been made, purchased, or held by a character logging out and back in again since this update was made.
  • The "condition" command now color-codes object damage if ansi is enabled. The colors are analogous to those used by the "health" command.
  • Some terrain types, particularly newer ones, have had their temperature modifications updated.

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