The following is the record of public game progress for November 1st, 2016 through December 31st, 2016.

  • New Areas: Ox River crossing (Ydra), Nirtyapaanee Bridge (Moorva)
  • New items: canvas javelin carries, fruit kebabs, glass chokers, sausage casings, sweetrolls
  • Updated items: barrels, buttered bread (now craftable), cheese rolls, curved scabbards, fig rolls, glass pendants (were glass talismans), glass prisms, glass rods, long sashes, instrument strings, iron-toed boots, open-topped kegs, small wooden casks, tinderboxes, vegetable kebabs, wicker backpacks
  • New/updated Helpfiles: boats, discard, kungesvald lore, liidhaga lore, lost, moorva lore, navigation, reckon, screenreader, sling, survey, ydra lore
  • New encounters: blighted animals
  • Several new terrain types have been added to the wilderness. They cannot be gathered in and currently only have placeholder encounters, but they will be becoming more unique as time goes on.
  • Signposts have been added to certain crossroads along both regions' road systems.
  • Using the "survey" command with screenreader mode active now includes a line about the character's current surroundings at the beginning of its output.
  • The "reckon" command now allows players to reckon the names of cities and certain areas, such as Moorness, to determine their approximate distance and direction from their target. This requires city or area lore for a character to attempt, though their navigation skill performs much of the heavy lifting.
  • The tutorial players can opt into upon account creation has been massively updated to involve less waiting around for text to scroll. It can be skipped at any point and is significantly more interactive.
  • The "discard" command can now be used on objects on the ground so long as they are of the appropriate type (gettable objects, used bandages, tankards in taverns, etc.).
  • Fallen trees can now be discarded in forests, and fallen trees will decay away after one IC week. Processed goods like logs or boards are not affected by this change.
  • Players in Kungesvald can now sell fresh corpses of deer, boars, and mouflon sheep to Karl the butcher, and can no longer sell unprocessed (i.e. not tanned or scraped) skins of those animals (and a couple others) to Svanhild the leatherworker.
  • If an item is capable of decay, it will now only be accepted for purchase if it is fresh.
  • The "gather" command now aliases to "get" in some logical cases, and players can now gather into containers they are wearing (not just holding).
  • The delay for firing slings is now somewhat higher at most skill levels.
  • Slings now auto-load from pouches on the person of the slinger, much as bows auto-load from quivers.
  • The algorithm for swimming has been changed. Fatigue is now more important in determining chance of sinking, and the checks for commonsense are stricter.
  • Logs and firewood now use logging instead of carpentry as their crafting skill.
  • Bags of a dozen wooden toggles are now available from general stores.

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