The following is the record of public game progress for February 16th, 2016 through October 31st, 2016.

  • New commands: condition, exits, shop, wade
  • New areas: Jhansareeth (in Moorva)
  • New items: bags, beetle grub kebabs, belled anklets, belled bracelets, boiled eggs, coin anklets, coin belts, fish pakoras, fitted shirts, fruit pakoras, fur chest wraps, fur hoods, fur mittens, glass anklets, kilns, long sashes, meat pakoras, moon chokers, moon pendants, mud, pairs of loose trousers, roast hares, roast rabbits, roasted eels, roasted snakes, round bells, salt, scrambled eggs, star chokers, star pendants, sun chokers, sun pendants, vegetable pakoras
  • Updated items: awls (were "punches"), drums, hand saws, jerky, lock picks
  • New gatherables: areca nuts, beetle grubs, blightbalm, cloudberries, crowberries, glasspome, hackberries, juniper berries, ormewort, saffron, tongburr
  • New/updated helpfiles: alchemy, brewing, butchering, buy, carpentry, charcoal burning, condition, cooking, damage levels, deadtime, drag, exits, fighting, gather, gathering, glass working, leather working, logging, masonry, metallurgy, pottery, repair, screenreader, sell, sewing, shops, skinning, smithing, staffers, stone working, tell, tutorial, wade, weaving, who
  • Shops have received an upgrade! They now all use a standardized format; no more guessing whether something needs to be looked at or read, no having to get up to order a new drink at the bar, and no more getting frustrated by overly-specific syntax. The new shop model is also intended to be easier for players using text-to-speech programs to use. The "shop" command now displays shop contents from anywhere in the room. For details, check out "help shop" and "help buy."
  • Players with screenreader mode enabled now have a more user-friendly "who" list. It uses more complete sentences, inserts additional punctuation so it's easier to discern names, and shares all of its information with the default who behavior.
  • Having screenreader mode enabled removes the divider symbols in room descriptions and when reading bulletin boards. These no longer need to be manually gagged clientside.
  • Rooms that have enough water in them to require swimming now display this in their descriptions on the same line as room size information. The depth and choppiness of a room's water also shows up when glancing into a watery room. This information does not appear in rooms that have access to liquids but don't require a character to swim (riverbanks, etc.).
  • Some objects, such as sand and mud, now "stack" into single-item piles instead of remaining varying numbers of handfuls. These work like meat in that one can "get 1 pound of sand" from a nearby pile.
  • Repair difficulties have been overhauled. While in most cases repairs will be easier than making a new item, especially if said item is regularly maintained, very damaged objects will on average be harder to repair than before. Some very easily-crafted objects may also be more difficult to repair as a result of this change.
  • Objects that have taken more than 50% their maximum possible damage ("moderately worn-out" or greater) can no longer be sold until they are repaired above this threshold.
  • The "deadtime" command can now be used by the recently deceased to see how much longer their stat maluses will last. This information is provided in both time required IC and the RL expiration time, which can be compared to the results of the "time" command. If a character is dead, it behaves as before.
  • When listing available jobs using the "apply" command, the game now tells you how much a job makes per day.
  • NPCs that chase their assailants now use the full functionality of the "follow" command rather than crude built-in behavior. This makes certain opponents significantly more dangerous than they used to be.

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