The following is the record of public game progress for February 15th, 2015 through February 15th, 2016.

  • Our website has returned! It is a constant work in progress and will continue to update over the coming weeks with more art and content.
  • New commands: slosh
  • New feelings: brood, flipoff, thumbsdown, thumbsup
  • New items: steel maces, steel mace heads, roasted crabs, laced vests, laced leather vests, large charcoal clamps, ankle chains, armlets, twisted armlets, earrings, noserings, rings, light chain necklaces, heavy chain necklaces, torcs, bracelets, coin bracelets, hound bracelets, knotwork bracelets, ram's-head bracelets, twisted bracelets
  • Updated items: shepherd's crooks, iron-shod staves, spiked maces, spiked mace heads (previously "spiked iron balls"), back harnesses (previously "shield straps"), iron noserings (previously "noserings"), bearded axes, bearded steel axes, double-bladed axes, boar spears, glaives, steel-headed glaives
  • New updated/helpfiles: claws, deadtime, death, info, menhit, recall, slosh
  • New encounters:
    General: jellyfish
    Moorva: giant vipers, monkeys, rock ibises
  • New jobs: 10 (5 in Kungesvald, 5 in Liidhaga)
  • Due to an issue with our host we had to restore from an April 2015 backup during mid-October. We have been working to recover lost coding progress and have taken steps to make offsite backups in addition to our automatically generated onsite copies.
  • Death is now handled differently! Instead of permanent stat loss on death, characters now receive a temporary malus to every stat, save for height, weight, and sense-based stats like night vision. This lasts either three IC days (if the character is kept logged in that long) or three RL days (if a different character is played or the player logs out entirely), whichever comes first. Additional deaths while under the effect of a brush with death increase the timer but not the intensity; the maximum length is nine days IC or RL. Skills still degrade as usual. Characters under the effects of a brush with death have it mentioned in their info.
  • Players who walk into a valid revival room (currently just the KV Roghian hospice and Liidhaga's Ocean's Balm Hospice) will now have their revival points automatically updated, accompanied by an OOC notice. This should make things a little less stressful for expatriates.
  • A yes/no prompt has been added to any dialogue where you could delete a character, particularly on the character select menu. Entering the same name as an existing character also yields a prompt instead of silently deleting the existing character.
  • Setting stats in chargen now works from a smaller amount of "points," going from a maximum of +20/-10 (+10 base) to +10/-5 (+5 base). Distance vision, detail vision, and night vision can no longer be increased or decreased in chargen and are now locked to species averages. Aura also has been removed from the list of mutable stats, though it will likely be reinstated later once more features in the game interact with it.
  • Several skills have had their learning rates adjusted! Unarmed combat and sling have had their learning rate has been doubled. Club and dagger are also slightly easier to learn, while sword and polearm (not to be confused with spear) are slightly harder. Darcantel is now on terms with Moorvic regarding its learning difficulty. Swimming is now easier to learn, as are whittling, weaving, and metallurgy. Carpentry is significantly more difficult.
  • Species with higher intelligence stats will now find it slightly easier to learn skills across the board, while lower-intelligence characters will have a slightly more difficult time of things. This is in addition to any other learning benefits gained from applicable stats. This does not affect stat growth.
  • Character names now support spaces, hyphens, and apostrophes. They also observe more complex capitalization.
  • Some additional "restart" exits have been added to chargen rooms beyond the first two for ease of use.
  • Chargen and the OOC area now allow for instantaneous movement between rooms, regardless of character speed.
  • Drinking liquids now displays their tastes with the first swallow, similar to how food behaves. One can try to smell or taste a liquid container to get information on its contents; if said container is closed or empty, you'll get information about the container itself. This taste information is also available if you "sip" something.
  • The "fatigue" command is now slightly more informative when used by an unconscious party.
  • Fur clothing now displays what type of fur was used to make it in its brief description as well as its long description. Existing fur clothes may be updated using the "exchange" command. Note that this does not apply to fur-lined or fur-trimmed wear.
  • Menhit have had some natural armor added to their heads and torsos, skewing primarily towards piercing and bashing damage. Goblins also shrug off a modest amount of blister damage in addition to their existing toxin resistance.
  • Barefoot menhit kicks now do damage similar to bare-handed claws when using the "kick" command. This is otherwise identical to other kick attacks and has no effect if the subject is wearing shoes.

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