The following is the record of public game progress for January 1st, 2015 through February 14th, 2015.

  • New area: in the mountains near Kungesvald
  • New/updated helpfiles: anachronisms, follow, getting started, lie, period, sit, sleep, stand, stoop
  • New items: steel daggers, kerchiefs, leather belt pouches
  • Updated items: belt pouches, leather scarves, scarves, wool scarves, knitting needles, slings, fur cloaks, knit bags, mittens, knit caps, knit socks, wool scarves, knit blankets, wooden swords, rabbit-skin pouches, woven leather bags
  • The game now accepts connections on port 23 in addition to port 8600.
  • There is now a cap on the weight of items that can be used as weapons, which is primarily based on a character's strength and how suitable as a weapon the item is.
  • Players who reliably land hits in combat should now find it very slightly easier to gain weapon skill than before, though they still must find something suitably challenging to do so.
  • Characters who are sufficiently tired no longer have to wait quite as long between sleeping attempts; the time has been reduced to a little over ten minutes between rests.
  • Any combat situation where one could use "opponent" now also accepts "foe" or "foe's " as a valid argument.
  • Partially completed crafts can now also be referred to as "unfinished ," "partial ," or "incomplete " when being interacted with, in addition to the existing "partially completed ."
  • Fallen trees now decay at a slow but definite rate. Their decay level is mentioned in their long descriptions.
  • A (relatively) short stretch of road now leads out from the southwestern edge of Liidhaga. This will not be the only road in the world, though more will likely wait until the next recompile of the wilderness program.
  • The prices of skins, furs, and meat in Kungesvald have been significantly downgraded in most cases, namely in the butcher no longer accepting larger game or butchered meat from small game. This brings hunting more in line with other professions, income-wise.
  • The Kungesvald weaver's shop now sells colored yarn balls.
  • A character's name now shows up when setting features in chargen to make it more obvious if it's been mistyped.

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