The following is the record of public game progress for July 6th, 2014 through December 31st, 2014.

  • New/updated helpfiles: agility, attack, aura, boards, blindfolds, climbing, detail vision, dexterity, endurance, float, follow, goblins, health, hooded clothing, intelligence, land speed, lead, light levels, map, night vision, perception, post, reckon, remove, search, stats, strength, water speed, willpower
  • New/updated items: blindfolds, wooden shields, drinking horns, wire-inlaid drinking horns, hooded robes
  • Characters can now interact with objects that are next to them even if they can't see (due to light levels, being blindfolded, etc.). While they can't get object descriptions by looking at things in such conditions, they can pick them up, touch them, eat them, etc. This also allows for characters to attack targets in dark rooms, provided they're next to each other and know who or what they're swinging at.
  • If a character is unable to see in a room (again, due to light levels, blindfolds, or otherwise), they can use the "search " command to make their way towards objects or livings in said room. How long this takes depends on the distance between the character and the object in question. This doesn't work on characters who are trying to hide or anything that's invisible. Upon finding their target, the searching character can interact with it in the ways mentioned by the previous point. "search" on its own, or "search here", will show what, if anything, is next to the character.
  • Liidhaga and Kungesvald now support IC bulletin boards, which can be found outside each city's respective post office. Notes posted on one do not carry over to another, and by default character names are not appended to anything written (or dictated, depending on one's RP). See "help boards" for more details.
  • Poison resistance (such as that possessed by goblins) now applies to stat loss, fatigue, and other effects of most poisons, not just to direct damage. Also fixed a bug that was causing poison resistance not to be applied to ingested (as opposed to injected) toxins. This should make nightshade and other highly-but-indirectly-lethal toxins much more survivable for goblins and anyone else who manages to become poison-resistant. Goblins can still become drunk but are slightly better off than their size would normally allow.
  • Salt water has had its effects reduced to about half of what they once were, with a few exceptions: aquatic creatures such as fish aren't effected at all (as was original intent), and goblins can actually gain some refreshment from drinking from the sea. Note that salt water is still hard on even a goblin's system and a little post-drinking dehydration will occur.
  • Swamps now have drinkable swamp water, though non-goblins are advised not to drink it; even goblins will find themselves a little tired out from drinking it. Drinking or filling containers in a swamp next to fresh water defaults to using the fresh water instead of the swamp brown.
  • Swimming has been tweaked a bit; the burden threshold for being automatically pulled beneath the surface is now higher, and swimming difficulties have room for a lot more granularity. While this mostly affects areas with swimmable rooms, lakes are also notably easier to traverse.
  • Climbing with less than two free hands is harder now; conversely, climbables that don't actually require skill to use, such as ladders and stairs, don't require any hands to traverse.
  • Characters can now use the "float" command while swimming to relax and float in place. Floating is easier and less tiring than swimming, but still requires stamina and is subject to the same risks of drowning as normal swimming.
  • Any item that identifies as a "scraper" can now be used to halve the time spent scraping furs. Existing skinning knives can be exchanged to take advantage of their new utility. Note that small skinning knives do not count for this change, though they still help reduce skinning time as usual.
  • Hooded clothing now supports the "raise" and "lower" commands; a raised hood functions like a mask, while a lowered hood acts like a normal piece of clothing. Hoods, hoods from chargen, boarskin hoods, deerskin hoods, wolfskin hoods, and hooded cloaks can all be exchanged to update to their newer, more interactive versions.
  • Characters can now use "reckon sunrise" and "reckon sunset" to guess when the sun will rise and set, respectively. Like "reckon time," this uses the navigation skill.
  • "Light with " now works for newly cloned tinderboxes. Older ones (i.e. those cloned before July 2014) must first be exchanged.
  • "lead off" and "follow off" are now valid syntax for stopping leading and following, respectively.
  • It's now possible to skin and butcher corpses with knives on the ground but next to your character, similar to how crafting doesn't require everything to be held.
  • Each stat helpfile now mentions the messages displayed by the "stats" command when said stat is temporarily higher or lower than usual.
  • Generic knives (i.e. "a knife") can be referred to specifically as "utility" or "belt" knives; existing knives may be exchanged to update their ids.
  • Black pepper can be purchased in Liidhaga.
  • Pilfering has been removed from chargen. The skill still functions and can be trained as usual, but the current lack of opportunities to use it made it potentially frustrating for new players.

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