The following is the record of public game progress for December 26th, 2013 through July 5th, 2014.

  • New/updated helpfiles: balance scales, dice, distance, drop, empty, hourglasses, masks, mirrors, name, OOC feelings, put, style, swimming, uname, watch, weapons, wilderness
  • New items: charcoal clamps (2x larger than small clamps), chest wraps, fitted dresses, fitted trousers, fitted vests, masks, bearded steel axes, bearded steel axe heads, bronze hand mirrors, longaxes, longaxe heads, lamellar cuirasses, leather lamellar jacks, saris, choli blouses, mail shirts, pairs of shalvar, open vests
  • Renamed items (exchange to update): shield straps (were leather straps), sacks (were burlap sacks)
  • New/updated feelings: fistpump, genuflect, supplicate, win
  • New encounters:

    • Moorva: tigers
    • Ydra: ape-creatures, bandits, Yagists
  • The reset time for wilderness rooms has been raised to 30 minutes; watching another room now properly keeps said room from resetting for the normal amount of time, reducing the potential for wilderness rooms to reload while approaching them.
  • Damage acquired from necrotic toxins, blistering toxins, or cold damage now "stacks" into single wounds of increasing intensity as opposed to multiple smaller wounds. Each damage type stacks separately.
  • Unique NPCs (such as shopkeepers) now have their player-given nicknames properly persist between logins and room reloads.
  • Craftable masks are now available; these conceal the wearer's identity so long as they are worn, though masked characters can still be named (see "help masks" for details).
  • Kungesvald and Liidhaga both sell gray fabric now. Kungesvald's stock covers different colors of linen, wool, and tartan wool, while Liidhaga stocks different colors of linen, thick cotton, and silk. Liidhaga's colored fabrics are also available in orange, maroon, indigo, and saffron.
  • Mountain encounters have been adjusted to slightly favor smaller game.
  • Ceogh deer are no longer encounterable in southern latitudes.
  • Musical instruments display an all-new set of messages that should better reflect character ability.
  • A bug in which clothing could be worn on unintended limbs has been fixed; players with older characters may wish to double-check their inventories to make sure everything is where it should be.
  • The second room in the tutorial now has a much simpler puzzle: the door is already visible in the room upon entry and will open when looked at.

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