The following is the record of public game progress for February 15th, 2013 through December 25th, 2013. As it was cataloged before progress reports were standardized, it is organized differently from the current format.

  • New/updated helpfiles: accessibility, aura, clothing, gathering, geology, herb lore, jobs, locks, modes, music, news, play, polearm, remind, screenreader, shops, wilderness lore
  • New encounters: crabs, dolphins
  • New items: gambesons, glass bangles, jeweler's rods, feather lures, flags, glass earrings, glass bead earrings, braided leather cords, scarves (split from wool scarves), curly slippers, pointy slippers, keyrings, braided wire keyrings, rope key loops, leather key loops, glass toggles, glass tokens, colored lenses, colored spectacles
  • New gatherables: rushes (gettable in marshes), cork
  • New context-sensitive wilderness: riverbeds, lake beds, ocean floors, remote ocean, coastal ocean, grassy sandbars, grassland lakesides, forest clearings, marsh clearings, swamp clearings, forested islands, forested lake islands, forested river islands, new growth forest, old growth forest
  • Combat updates aplenty! These include the following:

    • Melee damage from any source is now approximately double what it was previously, with typical results closer to the middle of a weapon's damage range. This helps combat move along at a decent clip while still giving time for players to react.
    • The way attack speed is calculated has been significantly changed. In particular, livings with multiple valid limbs (such as deer) no longer attack faster by default, and the attack speed skill (while still useful) has had its effect reduced.
    • Unconscious foes take significantly more damage than when awake.
    • Characters who favor parrying over dodging in their style settings will now try to parry before they dodge. If parry and dodge are equally allocated, whichever skill is higher takes priority.
    • Support for "glancing" blows has been added, these being less powerful attacks that are the result of either insufficient attacker skill, competent defender skill not high enough to evade the attack entirely, or a combination of both. Glancing blows have their own unique messages when they occur.
  • Screenreader mode is now available. This mode presents textual versions of some ASCII images: the "style" command will use sentences to describe combat settings, while "survey" gags the graphical map in favor of mentioning any nearby landmarks (including campfires) or bodies of water. If for some reason "look graphic sky" is used in this mode it will fall back to "look sky" output. This mode can be activated by the "screenreader on" command and deactivated by typing "screenreader off". Screenreader mode is actively being developed, and we strongly encourage our reader-using players to give us feedback so we can continue expanding it!
  • Axes other than hatchets, throwing axes, and longaxes have had their weights adjusted. The "exchange" command will update them as usual.
  • Worn objects now display from approximately head to foot, as opposed to based on the order things were put on. Wearables which cover multiple limbs will be displayed according to their highest-priority area; for example, a dress covers the torso, arms, and legs, but will be ordered as a torso item.
  • The beds of lakes, oceans, and rivers all have their own gettable tables now.
  • Both Kungesvald and Liidhaga now have produce-selling NPCs. While they don't buy goods, they do sell certain fruits and vegetables that were previously difficult or impossible to find in the gameworld.
  • Glass beads, glass marbles, and glass bead jewelry now support traits. Various colors of trait-bearing glass can be purchased in Liidhaga. Raw glass is a faint blue-green color by default.
  • A character will now only be able to collect money from a job if their last game session was 30 minutes or longer. This acts on a character-by-character basis; for example playing a character in slot 1 will have no effect on characters in slots 2 or 3. A bug with job code that didn't properly clean up inactive characters has also been fixed, freeing up several job slots.
  • Tannic acid no longer causes characters to die horrifying deaths when imbibed.
  • The layout of the Liidhaga docks has been slightly tweaked so there's a reduced chance of beachcombers plunging into the depths of the ocean.
  • Languages and area lores are properly capitalized in skill lists.
  • It is now possible to interact with objects using "of" (such as "handful of wildflowers" or "serving of gruel") without the parser throwing a fit. Existing functionality ("eat one bite of apple" and so forth) is unaffected.
  • Livings currently pursuing another living (such as players following one another) will now have this show in their room description while in motion. Livings that are following others but not currently moving don't show anything, as usual.
  • Held objects are now displayed slightly differently when characters move. Random verb types have been removed, replaced with "holding" by default and "wielding" for weapons. Characters with different kinds of objects in their hands will be shown as "holding" them.
  • Some glass goods have had their descriptions and ingredients tweaked; they are more likely to use cork instead of leather, and some (but not all) glass containers now inherit glass colors.

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