The following is the record of public game progress for January 1st, 2013 through February 14th, 2013. As it was cataloged before progress reports were standardized, it is organized differently from the current format.

  • New/updated helpfiles: bait, channel behavior, courtesy, crafts, dismantle, logging, repair
  • Crafted objects now have their final condition based on the most damaged ingredient used to make them, excluding mass ingredients (such as most leather or metals) and liquids.
  • Various shop purchasers have had their valid-purchase lists updated; some shops may not take things they used to, while others have had their lists significantly expanded. Purchase prices on several items have also been adjusted. Some easily-acquired objects, such as berries, mushrooms, and feathers, are also now only purchased in bulk.
  • The "dismantle" command has been upgraded to work a little more intelligently when determining if an ingredient can be salvaged from a dismantled item. Also, when dismantling things with separate heads and handles that are within a given damage threshold (in the case of edged weapons, this is anything that can be fixed with a whetstone), this will yield a handle in perfect condition and a head damaged normally.
  • The OOC command now properly checks if a character is dead before moving them to the OOC area; dead characters are left in the gameworld and told how to check their death timers.
  • Rowboats now observe travel settings. Having travel on and rowing will cause one's craft to keep moving in the same direction until the player stops or the vessel runs aground.
  • Characters who can regenerate severed limbs will now notice that this takes more food energy. Regeneration will stop as normal when a character's combined hunger and thirst are too high.
  • Crafting now recognizes food objects which have not had bites taken from them as being "whole."
  • Musical instruments are now primarily flavor-only.
  • The "harper" job in the Three Brass Bells in Kungesvald will now accept applicants holding any stringed instrument, not just a harp. Existing stringed instruments must be updated via the "exchange" command for this to take effect; new instruments work normally.
  • Characters with skill in logging can now use it to repair axes that aren't too badly damaged, similar to how axe skill can be used for basic maintenance.
  • Butchering math has been adjusted; players with low skill now get more meat, while players with high skill are no longer able to yield more meat than the original weight of the corpse.
  • Fishing has had its message frequency cut down to a fifth of what it once was. The chances of catching a fish are somewhat reduced, and while it's no harder to get a fish on the line it's now more difficult to land them.
  • Death and surrender messages have been slightly rewritten, and in the former case no longer automatically claims that a character has been "dead for 0 minutes."
  • Appraising and selling behavior now both use slightly better grammar and will try to report prices in the highest denomination possible (i.e. "a moon and three stars" as opposed to "one hundred and thirty pence").
  • New wiki content, including articles on Yddr law and taboos.

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