The following is the record of public game progress for August 9th, 2012 through October 8th, 2012. As it was cataloged before progress reports were standardized, it is organized differently from the current format.

  • New items: servings of boiled nettles, servings of rice and cabbage, boiled cabbage dumplings, cabbage cakes, onion meatballs, seasoned meatballs, clay cooking pots, teapots, ragdolls, boiled turnips
  • New gatherables: marsh cabbage
  • New/updated helpfiles: agility, alchemy, apropos, aura, brewing, chandling, channel behavior, commonsense, crafts, detail vision, dexterity, discard, distance vision, endurance, faq, health, help, helptree, herbalism, intelligence, land speed, masonry, music, night vision, perception, percussion instruments, play, setmore, stone working, strength, stringed instruments, swimming, tell, topics, water speed, width, willpower, wind instruments
  • New encounters:

    • Global: ducks, scorpions, spiders
    • Moorva: jackals
  • New jobs: 14 (7 in Kungesvald, 7 in Liidhaga)
  • Swimming has been given a complete overhaul. While still dangerous, drowning is is based off of fatigue instead of tiny wounds (making it easier to notice and recover from), so long as a character is above the surface they won't gulp water, water rescues are more feasible, and basic buoyancy code has been added. Swimming now also influences how long you can hold your breath. See "help swimming" and "help breathing" for the details.
  • The [newbie] channel has been renamed to [advice] to make it a little less patronizing for users. Documentation has been updated where necessary.
  • Several smaller animals (namely insects, songbirds, and mouse-sized mammals) have had back-end changes made to their shapes, intended to reduce such strangeness as cutting up mosquitoes leg by leg. Their corpses can be interacted with as usual.
  • Fleeing animals now have a significantly lower chance of being deleted by wilderness room resets, making long-distance pursuit a bit less irritating.
  • Hunger and thirst perceptions have been altered slightly to help with the feeling of always "having to" drink and eat. Characters consume the same as before but it will be slightly longer until detrimental messages will kick in.
  • The help system will now automatically return you to normal game input after reading most files without having to press Enter first. The few exceptions to this are continuing to read a longer file broken up into segments, reading directories, reading the "topics" file, or when prompted to choose between two or more helpfiles. It has also had a few mild aesthetic upgrades involving whitespace.
  • Torches, candles, and similar light sources which run out of fuel are now described as "burnt-out." The amount of light they produce is also described in slightly greater detail when looked at.
  • Bandages which have been accidentally applied to the wrong limb can be removed and reused elsewhere so long as they were not involved in any healing. Bandages can also be properly applied to others' limbs while being held.
  • Discard now accepts used bandages, burnt-out items, and anything with an id of "trash" or "garbage."
  • Dying will no longer potentially sap land speed or water speed stats.
  • After over 26 weeks of uptime, the game needed to been rebooted to allow for server security upgrades. While we've needed to reboot more often to allow for new features, it's nice to know just how stable we are at the moment.

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