The following is the record of public game progress for July 24th, 2012 through August 8th, 2012. As it was cataloged before progress reports were standardized, it is organized differently from the current format.

  • New items: hard leather caps, soft leather caps
  • New/updated helpfiles: approach, armor, clothing, history, inventory, mutations, remove, wear
  • New emotes: huff, roar, shakefist, splutter, sputter, strut, temples
  • New animals: grass snakes (appear as "snakes"), vipers (replace rattlesnakes, venomous), peafowl (see below), leopards (see below), alphyns (see below)
  • Skill advancement rates are now based on a function of all the stats associated with each skill, rather than purely on intelligence.
  • Encumbrance has been recalculated; it now more heavily favors stronger characters, though lighter characters will note that they can now comfortably carry more than before.
  • Underdressed characters will now display their state to the room: this appears before their age descriptor if unnamed and after their posture if named. This change only affects sentient species, not animals. See "help clothing" for more details!
  • Animal AI has been upgraded in various ways! Among other things, it now accounts for the following:

    • Most animals should now behave a little more intelligently around (and inside) tents, boats, cairns, and various other signs of habitation; this should help prevent the dreaded "wolf tent" problem.
    • Small or skittish animals are more likely to run if approached or attacked, while larger or more aggressive animals will behave more assertively. Note that some creatures may flee under certain circumstances but not others, and some only have a chance (but not a guarantee) to make their escape.
    • More types of animals have been given the potential to autonomously wander between rooms.
  • Regional encounters are in! These reflect animals (and otherwise) only found in a limited part of the wilderness, as opposed to any forest tile, any plains tile, etc. Some animals which were previously global have now been restricted to certain parts of the world. The current regional animals are as follows:

    • Kungesvald: alphyns
    • Moorva: peafowl, dholes, leopards.
  • The game-side history parser is now a bit more user-friendly. It now works off of . and .. instead of % and %% (for ease of typing) and can perform simple find-and-replace tasks. See "help history" for more details on how to use it.
  • Livings with gender-based names (hinds, bull aurochs, etc.) will now leave slightly more grammatical remains. The corpses of things that didn't use gender names (mice, ravens, ceogh deer...) will look the same.
  • Tents and the associated commands should now behave more logically in areas too small or otherwise unsuitable for them.
  • It's now possible to use "approach center" to have a character move towards the center of a room.
  • It's now possible to "get from " (i.e. "get 2 arrowheads from bag") without the game throwing a fit and refusing.
  • The "shake" command now accepts "shake with " in addition to "shake hands with " to shake hands with somebody, and can be used on PC species, dogs, and severed arms or tentacles.

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