The following is the record of public game progress for April 3rd, 2012 through July 23rd, 2012. As it was cataloged before progress reports were standardized, it is organized differently from the current format.

  • New craftables: iron-shod staves, handle caps, braided twine bracelets, braided twine chokers, cord-laced shoes, decorative studs, iron studs (these also count as decorative studs for crafting purposes), knit bags, leather circlets, studded leather circlets, toggled boots, toggled shoes, turnshoes, wide-brimmed leather hats, wildflower crowns, heavy studded belts, studded leather belts, leather chokers, studded leather chokers, studded leather greaves, studded leather bracers
  • New gatherables: bird's nests, bone shards
  • New/updated helpfiles: boats
  • Renamed/merged items: broad steel axes & heads: steel longaxes & heads, knobbed wooden maces & wooden maces: wooden maces, handaxes & hatchets: hatchets, wavy-bladed daggers: kris, blunt-tipped swords: khandas
  • Menhit have had their health stat increased for balance reasons. Existing menhit characters may contact a member of staff to be updated accordingly.
  • Several weapons have had their statistics adjusted as part of an ongoing combat overhaul. Existing weapons can be exchanged as usual.
  • Rooms that are starting to reach their item capacity will now have messages appended to their descriptions. They will first appear upon reaching 50% capacity and will change to new messages at various intervals.
  • Woven lures have been changed to be inedible and will now remain baited on a fishing pole until stolen by a fish. Other lures with similar longevity will likely be added in the future.
  • The map command has been updated so that it can potentially be disabled in certain areas, complete with custom messages. Note that mapping will never be disabled in civilized areas.
  • Characters who leave chargen without selecting any clothing will now start with a region-appropriate set of basic unisex clothing: a tunic, leggings, and pair of turnshoes for Kungesvald, and a robe and pair of sandals for Liidhaga. This is in addition to basic starting equipment such as backpacks and food. Characters who leave chargen in incomplete sets of clothing (only a shirt, only one shoe, etc.) will not receive these defaults; they are a failsafe solely for people who neglect to dress themselves at all.
  • A few more job slots were added to certain low/no-skill jobs in both cities. Skilled labor is currently unaffected.

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