The following is the record of public game progress for November 2nd, 2011 through April 2nd, 2012. As it was cataloged before progress reports were standardized, it is organized differently from the current format.

  • One new area.
  • Five new landmarks.
  • Two new villages.
  • New craftables: files, rasps, hammers, hammer heads, combs, toggles (amber, antler, bone, brass, copper, gold, horn, pewter, seashell, silver, and wooden; used for vests and overdresses), thick bolts of cotton, thick bolts of silk, hobnails, hobnailed boots, hobnailed sandals, simple lenses (used for spectacles), falcatas, talwars, steel greatswords, steel seaxes, key-necked shirts.
  • Basic clothing types (see below for details): bifurcated skirts, blouses, caps, capes, cloaks, coats, dresses, gloves, halters, heavy gloves, hoods, kilts, long-trained turbans, loose coats (AKA half-robes), overdresses, pairs of leggings, pairs of trousers, robes, saris, sarongs, sarong dresses, sashes, shifts, shirts, skirts, slippers, socks, stockings, tunics, turbans, veils, and vests; fur-lined versions of capes, cloaks, coats, dresses, gloves, heavy gloves, hoods, shirts, skirts, tunics, and vests; and short-sleeved versions of coats, dresses, loose coats, robes, shifts, shirts, and tunics.
  • New gatherables: amaranth plants w/flowers
  • New jobs: 20 (10 in Kungesvald, 10 in Liidhaga)
  • New/updated helpfiles: alchemy, alias, alias samples, alias variables, ansi, breathing, charcoal burning, completion levels, feelings, follow, glance, history, home, inventory, lead, light, listen, look, search, weigh, wilderness lore
  • Lament's clothing now supports layering! Layering can allow for multiple objects to be worn on the same limb, and some items will conceal things worn beneath them; at long last, underpants can go on the inside! While some numbers may need playtesting, we believe there is plentiful room for players to layer and accessorize accordingly. This change also allows for wearing multiple pieces of jewelry such as earrings, bracelets, and necklaces without having to choose between them. Existing wearables may be updated via the exchange command, while any newly-bought or crafted clothing, jewelry, armor, etc. will automatically support layers.
  • It is now possible to make several clothing types (the basic clothing items mentioned above) which make full use of materials code to inherit fabric type, color, and texture from the fabrics used in their creation. These look similar to the familiar MISC MATERIAL goods but have updated descriptions and are primarily identified by color.
  • To accommodate testing until mixable dyes are available, we have made a small number of colorful fabrics available for sale in both cities; colored fabric cannot be crafted at this time, though undyed fabric can be used in crafting as usual.
  • Containers which are updated via the "exchange" command will attempt to move their contents to the new version. If for some reason the new container cannot hold everything, these extra items will be disgorged onto the ground as usual.
  • Fabrics are now further identified by two types: "lightweight" (linen, cotton, silk, and muslin [though this is currently deprecated] and "heavyweight" (wool, heavy cotton, and heavy silk). Craftables which do not requiest a particular weight of fabric can use either, as well as burlap or canvas (which are intentionally omitted from both lists).
  • Info readout will now show if a character is currently employed, and if so, what their job is.
  • Door code was completely rewritten. While this should lead to few player-facing changes, it should make adding doors much easier on the development side and substantially increase their flexibility. The new code allows doors to be set as lockable and/or barrable.
  • Climbing downward no longer behaves strangely.
  • Climbables now use moving averages to determine failure instead of discrete skill checks, similar to crafts.
  • Most climbing failures now return players to the base of the climb rather than causing falls. Falls can still happen, and are more likely if players are fatigued, burdened, or climbing objects that are either too difficult for them or specifically marked as dangerous.
  • Commonsense will now stop you from trying to climb something too dangerous for your level of skill.
  • Climbables can potentially lead in directions other than up and down.
  • Interrupted climbers now return to their starting position rather than being left in midair.
  • It is now possible to "search for exit[s]" to receive an exit list. This works in any light level; using "search" in a pitch black room does the same thing.
  • Newly-created furs can pass on the kind of animal they came from to things crafted from them. While mantles are currently unaffected, objects that previously used generic "fur" now properly represent what went into them.
  • Stands of herbs and flowers are now sometimes found instead of single plants when gathering. The gather command will now automatically pick nonportable plants it's found, if gathering into a container.
  • Non-herb gatherables are now searched for using appropriate skills, instead of herb lore.
  • Logs, boards, and chunks of wood, and potentially items crafted from them, now inherit the wood type and hardness of their parent trees.

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