The following is the record of public game progress for August 16th, 2011 through November 1st, 2011. As it was cataloged before progress reports were standardized, it is organized differently from the current format.

  • Two new villages.
  • One new landmarks.
  • New items: wheelbarrows, simple wheels, cooking spits, simple cooking spits
  • New/updated helpfiles: accessibility, accounts, aim, attack speed, axe, boards, boats, books, brawling, burden, characters, classless, club, color, commonsense, control, dagger, Darcantel, daring, disclaimer, dodge, encumbrance, jobs, keywords, Kungesvald lore, Lament, Liidhaga lore, link-dead, lost, Moorvic, Moorva lore, offensive, parry, Plaintongue, power, quit, rejection, resurrection, scrape, scrollback, sky, smiles, spear, staff, style, style samples, submissions, sword, throwing, unarmed combat, where, Yddr, Ydra lore
  • Skill selection in character generation is now fully point-buy, allowing players to mix and match skills by distributing a pool of 15 points. Equipment is still generated by skill choice, with a maximum of three different equipment sets available. Quick-start skill packages have also been added to chargen so people can skip the allocation process and get into the game with a concept-appropriate skillset; as with the older chargen, some packages are more innately viable than others.
  • One may now switch between characters on an account using "su charactername" (where "charactername" is the name of the character, of course), or return to the character selection screen via "quit charactername."
  • Characters can seek out jobs to earn some money while logged out. Jobs can be found in various places throughout both cities and have varying requirements for stats, skills, and/or gear based on what job is involved; each city has started with two skilled and four unskilled job options. See "help jobs" for details.
  • Bandages have received some work: their ids now update properly (so a bandage that no longer can be applied won't show up as "unused"), they should no longer take up a hand without being droppable, and attempts to tend another person who is using a timed skill will fail (instead of interrupting the patient), since the subject isn't sitting still enough.
  • Aim now takes agility and size into more consideration; it is easier to hit the limb you're aiming for if your target is larger and less agile than you, and vice versa. This does not influence whether your blows connect, merely what limb they strike.
  • Common sense now keeps players from ramming their hands into lit campfires.
  • Livings involved in combat will now be shown as "fighting" in room contents, though their exact opponents will not be listed. Additionally, info has been updated to show if your character is involved in combat, whether it be one-sided or reciprocal; only the first opponent (i.e. the living who would id as "opponent") in any given fray will be mentioned.
  • The "where" command now properly tracks players in subsections of cities, such as the Kungesvald sinkhole or the Liidhaga docks. It will also show if any players are in areas flagged as "public" (that is, an explicitly social area); currently these are city squares and taverns. Players will see the note "(including you)" in totals that include them to help clarify the results.
  • "Natural" objects, like sticks, leaves, and rocks, now have a mild amount of weight variance. This should not negatively impact crafting with them.
  • Cargo-carrying objects, such as wheelbarrows, can now have different efficiency rates in different terrains.
  • Crippled limbs now appear as "crippled" in place of "broken" in health readouts to better reflect the various ways they can be rendered unusable.
  • Leather cord is now both saleable and buyable in both cities. Svanhild the Tanner's in Kungesvald and Sri Binaa's Sundries in Liidhaga keep it in stock, though it's more expensive in Liidhaga.
  • Some tweaks and redescription work in Liidhaga and Mahavhi.

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