The following is the record of public game progress for May 15th, 2011 through August 15th, 2011. As it was cataloged before progress reports were standardized, it is organized differently from the current format.

  • New craftables: roast chicken, roast duck, roast pheasant, roast quail, campfires
  • New/updated helpfiles: age, agility, anachronisms, aura, brief, campfires, commonsense, consider, damage, detail vision, dexterity, distance vision, draw, endurance, example, fasten, fatigue, fatigue levels, fire, health (both the command and the stat), intelligence, land speed, night vision, OOC feelings, perception, postures, prompt, retire, stats, storage, strength, tents, vomit, water speed, willpower
  • New feelings: amused, avert, backhand, chatter, hungry, moo, orz, triumph, victory
  • New accounts now have the option of entering a basic command tutorial before making a character. This is only asked once at account creation, not character creation.
  • You can now potentially have certain species-appropiate absent features (no hair, no tail, etc.) in character generation.
  • A character's starting region can now subtly influence their non-clothing starting gear.
  • Campfires are craftable, for those who would rather not muck about with carrying torches. In addition to being a viable source of heat and light, they can be used to destroy nondiscardable objects, or to torment one's friends by making them reach into the flames to retrieve something potentially valuable. One can "tend fire" to automatically keep it fed; in forested situations, this will mean keeping it as bright as possible, while in locations with limited fuel, tending will instead try to keep the fire lit for as long as possible. Lit campfires show up on the wilderness map.
  • When you climb into a room that contains a reciprocally climbable object linking to the room you were just in, such as a ladder with a distinct top and bottom half, you'll now be placed by the paired object.
  • Wells now take friendlier syntax and have received major functional upgrades.
  • Commonense will now have characters attempt to change posture when entering exits too small to pass at their current stance.
  • Relative heights have been changed to use more descriptive terms (waist-height, etc.). Note that many animals' heights are measured at the shoulder and may seem a little shorter than they really are.
  • Players can now headbutt their enemies in combat. These are queued in the same manner as kicks are.
  • Players who surrender their characters while asleep will no longer remain unconscious into chargen.
  • Characters who do not select a belt in chargen will now automatically receive a braided leather one to ensure they have one available if this was an oversight.
  • It is now possible to get things from, and put things into, unconscious people's containers without having to remove them first.
  • Players standing by the Liidhaga beach or Kungesvald quay now have the option to drink or fill containers from the nearby water.
  • Reeds are now gettable from forested lakesides.

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