The following is the record of public game progress for March 12th, 2011 through May 14th, 2011. As it was cataloged before progress reports were standardized, it is organized differently from the current format.

  • New craftables: finger cymbals, cheese and fig rolls
  • New gatherables: lemongrass, lime leaves
  • Two new landmarks.
  • New/updated helpfiles: channels, assist, mail, banking, furniture
  • Parries are now sorted more properly so that items designed to be good at parrying (such as shields) will be checked before other held objects.
  • Dodging uses significantly different math now; weapon skill is now properly figured into things, as opposed to pure offensive skill, and smaller animals will ideally no longer be quite the ninja masters that they were before.
  • Combat skill gain has been given a smoother progression. It is now most efficient, learning-wise, to fight an opponent slightly better than you are.
  • A new channel has been created: [events]! This is meant for people wanting to organize explicitly IC events, from meet-ups to hunting parties to trade.
  • You can now use "chan history" to read a color-coded and timestamped history of all your channels at once. "chan history [#]" will limit the results to anything posted within the specified number of hours.
  • The "glance" command will now show a living subject's posture, distance, fatigue, and health in addition to their sex, species, and descriptives.
  • Available items in the wilderness can now vary according to the surrounding terrain in addition to the immediate terrain. Sand is now gettable on the seashore plains, for example.
  • Updates to the wiki.
  • Additional food options available in Liidhaga.
  • Various changes to Liidhaga, some cosmetic, some not.
  • Staffers have had some tweaks to the assist queue system so it's easier for us to track users upon login.
  • Security patches to the server.
  • Assorted backend bits that will help the game run more efficiently.
  • You can now operate channels during the character generation prompts (that is, you can speak on them, turn them on or off, and check their histories, etc.).

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