The following is the record of public game progress for January 2nd, 2011 through March 11th, 2011. As it was cataloged before progress reports were standardized, it is organized differently from the current format.

  • Accounts can now host multiple characters! Each account can have up to three active characters stored on it simultaneously. Functionality is still being set in place, so please report any bugs or suggestions to the staff. See "help multiple characters" for details.
  • Three sizes of Flash client are now available for your perusal for those who wish to game away from, or without, a downloadable MUD client.
  • New items: iron, bone, and wooden fishhooks; fishhook pendants; bark caps; fur-trimmed caps; rounded and conical reed hats
  • New gatherables: fennel bulbs, holy basil
  • New/updated helpfiles: multiple characters, accounts, nobility, logs, forum
  • Updated animal descriptions: turtles, tortoises, maggots, carrionflies, carrionfly maggots, mosquitoes, bats, vultures, seagulls
  • Combat has been receiving regular updates. Parry damage, swing time calculation, et.al. have all been adjusted and combat is still being actively overhauled; please keep us posted with potential balance issues you find!
  • Players now have the ability to "kick" one's opponent while in combat; this attack can be queued up in advance and will replace a standard attack with a strike using a character's legs (assuming they have any in good enough shape to do so). Kicks use unarmed combat and will potentially attack with whatever you're wearing on your feet.
  • It should now be more obvious when your character is using a weapon two-handed.
  • Character generation now has a birthday option for "today" for characters who have just turned their set age. "Any" should no longer randomly add a year to a new character's age, as well.
  • Cosmetic improvements in Liidhaga.

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