The following is the record of public game progress for December 8th, 2010 through January 1st, 2011. As it was cataloged before progress reports were standardized, it is organized differently from the current format.

  • Four new landmarks.
  • One new village.
  • New items: fur loincloths, fur halters, bricks (the clay and straw kind), broad steel axe heads, simple swords, short iron swords, blunt-tipped swords, rowboats, oars, paddles, woolen jackets, fur-trimmed jackets
  • New gatherables: chicken of the woods
  • New/updated helpfiles: eat, drink, common sense, buy, sell, skills, skill levels, whisper, languages, write, shops, terminology, wiki, website, boats
  • The world has gotten a makeover! Moorva especially has been relocated, and the empty places on the map now contain plenty of proper terraforming. The ferry between Liidhaga and Moorness works as usual; it costs the same amount of money and takes the same amount of travel time despite covering several hundred more miles.
  • Boats are now live. They can be docked at the ports of either city or rowed along the rivers of the world.
  • Whole and half cowhides can be purchased at the tanner's in Kungesvald, while cow horns and horsehair bundles are available at the butcher's.
  • Hawkshelf has been phased out in favor of chicken of the woods fungus.
  • It is now technically possible to eat or drink more than absolutely necessary, so characters can enjoy a full meal without needing to vomit every so often; this also means that it will take a bit longer to starve to death or die of dehydration. Common sense has two applications for this: if tending to a need, your character will stop once their hunger or thirst is quenched, and if consuming for pleasure, your character will stop shortly before they become overfull.
  • The "stats" command is now more legible.
  • Objects on the ground can now be targeted with the "wear" command.
  • We've updated how languages are generated, with new histograms for all four accessible tongues.
  • Cosmetic touchups in Liidhaga, fixes in Lowercity and Lime District.
  • Back-end work to increase stability.

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