The following is the record of public game progress for September 28th, 2010 through December 7th, 2010. As it was cataloged before progress reports were standardized, it is organized differently from the current format.

  • New/updated craftables: cairns, potter's wheels, wavy-bladed daggers, throwing axes & throwing axe heads
  • New/updated helpfiles: notebook, ooc, accounts, exchange
  • Tombstones have been removed from the craftable object list; they are being phased out in favor of cairns, which are dismantle-enabled permanent objects.
  • Moorness has been added to the where mapping.
  • Entering and leaving the OOC area no longer requires meditation. "ooc" on its own will enter the area after a yes/no prompt, while "ic" on its own returns a character in the OOC area to the game.
  • Stun damage now heals during combat, instead of waiting until the fight has ended.
  • Info now displays your character's primary descriptive, and condenses more information into fewer lines.
  • Glance now uses slightly better grammar when examining oneself or others.
  • Rooms considered to be unbounded -- such as all wilderness rooms -- no longer have a mass limit for their contents, mainly to keep people from being trapped by their own felled trees.
  • "Attach" is now a valid id for "fasten."
  • "Sheathe all" now only applies to held objects and will no longer try to sheathe things on the ground, etc.
  • Commonsense has been upgraded to be smart enough to open containers of tannin if one tries tanning with a closed bottle.
  • Craftables which require a "whole preserved pelt" properly recognize unsullied tanned furs.
  • Emotes have been added to the list of color-codeable text. This will also include output from feelings.
  • Emotes properly support double spacing now.
  • Passive emotes beginning with speech no longer have a vestigial space at the beginning.
  • Dividers for room descriptions tweaked to properly extend the length of one's terminal width.
  • Piles of meat will not appear to be rotten nearly as quickly; they still decay at the same rate.
  • The Kungesvald butcher has been adjusted to offer somewhat better prices for game birds.
  • Newly-made moneybags will have "wallet," "purse," and "coinpurse" as additional valid ids.

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