The following is the record of public game progress for March 28th, 2010 through May 2nd, 2010. As it was cataloged before progress reports were standardized, it is organized differently from the current format.

  • One new village in Ydra.
  • One new landmark.
  • If you are fighting with a weapon in both hands and the limb that is technically carrying the weapon is crippled, you will now automatically switch said weapon to your free hand (and, obviously, will no longer be considered to be fighting two-handed).
  • The "who" command has received a significant overhaul, including actually showing active staffers' names (see "help who" for details).
  • Animals with specific names based on the sex of the creature (such as deer, with "stag" and "hind") can now be referred to in the plural (i.e. "hinds" in place of "female deer").
  • Corpses now properly remain in the game even if their associated accounts have logged out; player bodies automatically log out upon resurrection. Resurrection messages have been updated accordingly.
  • New items: silphium resin
  • New gatherables: silphium, wolfsbane
  • New/updated helpfiles: drugs, fill, swimming, where, who
  • New feelings: baffle, bleat, squee
  • Various crafts have been set to use no skill at all to complete, though they still require time and materials. This should reduce the amount of annoying assembly-based tasks that required small amounts of whittling, leather working, etc. to finish (and also removes the potential for failure).
  • Characters with leather working now start with three bottles of tannin and some leather.
  • Characters starting in Kungesvald now enter the game at the crossroads of Market and Winter.
  • Language histograms tweaked: Darcantel, Plaintongue.

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