The following is the record of public game progress for January 1st, 2010 through February 2nd, 2010. As it was cataloged before progress reports were standardized, it is organized differently from the current format.

  • Wilderness beautification project put into action: nearby tiles can influence the names and descriptions of wilderness rooms (such as a forest tile by a river tile becoming a wooded riverbank), and more than one room description can exist per type of terrain.
  • New craftables: armlets & twisted armlets of various metals, worked bone fragments (ingredients for bone circlets), fitted bone circlets, bronze lamps, thin hempen rope, wooden soles.
  • New animal descriptions: bears, dragonflies, grasshoppers, butterflies, fireflies.
  • New encounters: cave bears, ceogh deer.
  • Awls now sold in KV and Liidhaga.
  • Damage messages in combat have been streamlined somewhat and made more intuitive; wound messages are the same for the time being.
  • Player-species default descriptions slightly rewritten; this will only be readily apparent on newly-minted characters.
  • Plenty of wiki work.
  • New emotes: prance, pounce, whirl

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