The following is the record of public game progress for September 23rd, 2009 through October 25th, 2009. As it was cataloged before progress reports were standardized, it is organized differently from the current format.

  • One new landmark.
  • New craftables: grain flails, winnowing baskets, uncooked brown rice, uncooked white rice, cooking skillets, smelters
  • New gatherables: wild rice, bog iron, iron sand, several varieties of seashells
  • New descriptions: minks, mice, boar, robins, sparrows, crows, ravens, owls, toads, frogs, rats
  • New encounters: weasels, ernes, quail, voles, marmots, pheasants, swamp wolves
  • Smelt iron from raw sources using smelters! This process uses the metallurgy skill and can even produce steel if you're skilled and lucky enough.
  • Shield bosses, iron strips, coils of iron wire, and all three varieties of wooden handle are saleable in the Kungesvald armory. Some existing saleables have had their prices adjusted for balance reasons.
  • The Roghian hospice in Kungesvald now buys more herbs, as well as needles and thread.
  • Feathers can now be plucked into containers.
  • Corpses and meat now retain any identifying terms they had in life; butcher a salmon and the salmon meat also identifies as "fish meat," kill a mouflon ram and you can refer to it as both a "ram corpse" and a "mouflon sheep corpse."
  • A courtesy policy has been instated, detailed in "help courtesy."
  • The "help questions" helpfile has been added, detailing what can and cannot be asked over channels.
  • More additions to the wiki.

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