The following is the record of public game progress for August 12th, 2009 through August 29th, 2009. As it was cataloged before progress reports were standardized, it is organized differently from the current format.

  • Lament is now hosted on a new server, Nyx, with a 1GB memory.
  • The Wolf's Tail, a harbor bar, has been added to the Liidhaga dock area. The Bird of Paradise is now located off of Moth Street. The Glass Hand Fleet manor has been released with an alchemist's and a glass goods buyer. A pottery workshop has been added off of Vessels. Sri Binaa's Sundries now focuses more on dry goods and materials than on tools, which are the province of Minadiip's.
  • Crafting can now use liquids as ingredients. Crafts are slowly being adapted to allow for this.
  • Pewter can now be made from tin and lead, allowing for such craftables as pewter goblets.
  • Several items, particularly jewelry, are now crafted slightly differently. Anything that would be melted and poured instead of hammered into shape now uses the metallurgy skill. Beeswax for the lost-wax casting process can now be purchased in both cities.
  • Iron wire is now craftable, using both metallurgy and smithing for its creation.
  • "Metal bars" have replaced the common usage of metal ingots; while they require a pair of tongs, a bar mold, and a cauldron they are otherwise identical to the old ingots and weigh one kilo each. Actual ingots now require an ingot mold, have weights based on their respective volumes, and are much, much heavier.
  • NPCs no longer follow characters into obviously fatal rooms; for example, NPCs that cannot survive underwater won't follow a target into a watery room, and those without wings won't follow into a room without a floor. Conversely, they won't flee from characters into dangerous rooms, either, preventing the issue of land fish.
  • Foraging, gathering, skinning, scraping, and tanning are now far less spammy for others in the same room.
  • The night sky now features entirely new stars and constellations.
  • Bags of various flours and similar dry goods are now available for sale to allow more cooking options.
  • The clay found from clay patches is now ten times bigger.
  • Mushrooms are far more numerous in the wilderness now, and can be gathered in more places.
  • Sticks and branches are gettable from swamps, while leaves are gettable from forests.
  • Meat items used for crafting will now have their sizes properly visually reduce (very large to large, etc.).
  • Items set to be non-portable (as opposed to just very heavy) can no longer be used as ingredients, preventing unintended behavior like making fabric displays into hats.
  • Concept helpfiles are now available for magic and corruption; these may change as mechanics are further developed, but should provide a useful overview for the curious.

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