The following is the record of public game progress for April 24th, 2009 through June 28th, 2009. As it was cataloged before progress reports were standardized, it is organized differently from the current format.

  • Major restructuring of ranged combat.
  • Major changes to crafting.
  • Five new landmarks.
  • Number of skill levels halved, was 26, now 13.
  • Random chance of green messages every time a skill is improved.
  • Skills readout changed.
  • Stats command now shows temporarily higher or lower stats.
  • Measurements changed to use new terminology.
  • Who altered to no longer show the player's own name on the list, now only showing other named players and visible staff.
  • New characters now have their native language maxed out.
  • Inventory display condensing now removes worn locations when looking at others (worn locations are still included when looking at worn or held objects) and condenses identical objects ("a leather shoe and a leather shoe" is now "a pair of leather shoes").
  • Clay is now gatherable in swamps, enabling pottery.
  • Simple cooking is implemented.
  • Kungesvald now has a butcher who will purchase meat from players.
  • Changes to id behavior to make it more intuitive; if there are two boars in a room and you name one "Bill", "health boars" will still show the health of both boars. Singular targets still default to any assigned names to make referencing what you want easier to get right the first time.
  • Coins are now sorted in descending order of value, and display proper descriptions when looked at individually.
  • "Palm" and "slip" now have start messages; all covert commands should now immediately acknowledge you're trying to use them.
  • "Reckon time," "map," and "smell" no longer bring a character out of hiding.

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