The following is the record of public game progress for March 1st, 2009 through April 22nd, 2009. As it was cataloged before progress reports were standardized, it is organized differently from the current format.

  • Wiki is now live, including gameworld info and staff pages.
  • Language code changed: while more skill is required overall to be fluent, smaller words are now always easier to understand than larger ones. You can now communicate simple concepts with less language skill.
  • Crafting code has been changed: items which take longer to make should become much more likely to succeed than before. They still use the same difficulties as before, but the longer a character works on an item within their ability, the less likely they are to ruin their progress through a single unlucky continue.
  • Sri Binaa's Sundries in Liidhaga now buys various goods, notably ingots, boards, and leather.
  • Some non-contact feelings fixed to not require approaching first.
  • A ship now travels between Liidhaga and the mainland.
  • More wilderness areas present, such as the hamlet of Moorness.
  • Tents are now craftable.
  • Several password-corrupting and silent-log-out bugs fixed.
  • Logging has been changed: times and difficulties have been slightly adjusted; certain species of tree have been shuffled around; logging can also now be done with any cutting weapon (results varying on the tool used); and logging will slowly damage the item used, with axes having the slowest rate of damage.
  • Weaving has been tweaked, with ingredients and weights adjusted. Players can now make and sell canvas.
  • Fish caught with fishing now come in different sizes; big fish always outweigh, and are stronger than, their smaller counterparts.
  • Various adjustments to craftables themselves, mostly fixing oddities with weight and ingredients.

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