The following is the record of public game progress for February 16th, 2009 through February 28th, 2009. As it was cataloged before progress reports were standardized, it is organized differently from the current format.

  • More wilderness updates.
  • Successful parry messages are now colored in dull yellow/orange. Successful attacks by others against targets that aren't you are now colored in dark red, while successful attacks by others against your character are in bold red as usual.
  • Tanning is now part of the leather working skill.
  • Login, logout, link-dead, and reconnect messages now show up in cyan with an (OOC) prefix.
  • Ingots of non-precious metals are now for sale in Liidhaga and Kungesvald.
  • Various items made craftable and given more crafting aliases.
  • Emote and pemote merged; possessive emotes now have all the features of non-possessive emotes.
  • One extra style skill added to each combat style option in chargen.
  • Tanners start with sewing instead of tanning (see above), while tailors get leather working.
  • Skinning now can produce fractional hides, and skin weights have been adjusted; creature size:skin ratios have also been changed, primarily so that most things give slightly more skin than before.
  • More clothing options in both chargen and regional shops.
  • More "completion status" messages available for incomplete crafts.
  • Every time a craftable in progress is complete enough to gain a new status message, it will appear with the continue text.
  • Discard now lets you dispose of severed limbs when in wilderness rooms, certain other objects elsewhere.
  • Various tweaks to item buying and selling prices, as well as craft times, difficulties, and ingredients.
  • Repairing is now in the game, and whetstones are for sale in both cities. See "help repair" for details.
  • Slightly broader range of wildlife encounters.
  • "Whoareas" renamed to "where" and set up to recognize the new map.
  • New command added: "flee." Doesn't really do anything players couldn't before, but is included for convenience.
  • New command added: "map." Currently in testing and based on area lore skills, it can display an overhead map for your character.

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