The following is the record of public game progress for December 25th, 2008 (the game's first public access date) through January 8th, 2009. As it was cataloged before progress reports were standardized, it is organized differently from the current format.

  • Various improvements to Liidhaga (ongoing).
  • Recalculated movement rates, with walk speeds standardized.
  • Tweaks to and usability improvements for chargen (also ongoing).
  • Night vision now less likely to blind night-sighted folks in lighter rooms.
  • Alcohol now includes levels of drunkenness and tolerance.
  • Tent persistence fixed.
  • Say and emote now support capitalized targets.
  • Many broken items fixed to be edible/dismantlable/otherwise working right.
  • Banks work again.
  • NPC shops less spammy when purchasing goods from them.
  • Skills command now lists all known skills by familiarity.
  • Lighting a flammable object is now instant and does not require tinder.
  • Base-10 coinage implemented.
  • More outdated references updated or removed.
  • Old, unused map facades stripped out.
  • OOC area simplified with a fresh new look and mail capabilities.
  • Tons of back-end work.

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