Getting Started

Lament is an entirely text-based game that does not involve sound or require a player to discern images or colors. To start playing you will need to connect through a suitable client. While it's possible to use plain Telnet, many players prefer using a MUD-specific program such as MUSHclient or Mudlet, as these allow for more customization and accessibility options.

The host name is and the port number is 8600.

All players need an account. Account names are shown when talking on public channels or when staff interact with your account, but they do not affect your actual characters, and they can only contain letters. You may only have one account at a time, so make sure you're happy with the name you've chosen!

You will then be prompted for a password. These are encrypted in your player file and cannot be read by staff. After verifying your password, it's a good idea to include an e-mail address and/or a contact name, as these are what are used to identify you if there is a problem with your account. This information will not be shared with anyone and does not have to be your legal name.

You will then be asked whether or not you would like to take the tutorial. This is optional and will not effect your playing experience, so if you are familiar with this sort of game feel free to continue to character generation.

Once you reach character generation, simply follow the prompts! You can back up or restart at any time, and you can always ask over public channels if you need help.

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