Lament's rules are meant to be fairly straightforward. While there are a few minor ones covered elsewhere in the game through the help system, these are the most important:

  • One account per player. Each account can have up to three simultaneous characters, so there's plenty of chances to alt. If you are found to have more than one account you will be asked which one you want deleted.
  • Only one account may normally be connected per IP at a given time. If you will be sharing your IP with one or more players, such as people who share a computer lab or household with you, simply contact Player Relations in-game to have this sorted out. We're happy to encourage friends and family to play together!
  • No automated gameplay. Often referred to as "botting," the use of triggers or macros to play the game unattended is against the rules, regardless of whether or not the player is actively at their keyboard. Using a client to color text or play sounds based on certain messages is fine, but things like practicing skills or stacking large amounts of commands are not.
  • Stay in character while in the gameworld. Characters should try to portray a role of some sort when interacting with others, though it does not need to be a very complicated one. Out of character concepts like syntax or popular TV shows can be freely discussed over channels or using the "ooc" command.
  • Be respectful out of character. We don't expect everyone to be the best of friends, but we do ask our players to be reasonably civil in OOC communication such as channels and mudmail. Willfully sharing false information with new or otherwise confused players is considered a breach of this rule.
  • Observe our courtesy policy. Covered in detail in "help courtesy," this policy is our way of officially ruling against aggressive griefing, harassing other players, being intentionally disruptive outside of a potential plot, or otherwise adhering to an extremely selfish playstyle.
  • Report any bugs or exploits. The option to report bugs, typos, and balance issues is available from anywhere in the gameworld, including while unconscious or dead. Exploiting something "just to test it" does not excuse one from following this rule unless a staffer has explicitly asked you to.
  • Be honest when dealing with staff members. Don't deliberately lie to staff or misrepresent information to them or others. Going by an alias in the "Name" field of your profile is not dishonesty, but claiming you're the owner of a different account or that you aren't responsible for something you were witnessed doing is.
This list is not exhaustive and may be subject to change at any time. If you have further questions about these rules, don't hesitate to ask.

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