Lament is an LP MUD running on a highly-modified Lima Mudlib with MudOS v22.2a25. Some of its implemented features include:

  • Classless, levelless gameplay
  • Four different playable species
  • Detailed character generation
  • Customizable descriptions
  • Intuitive, plain-English interface
  • Vast hand-drawn ASCII wilderness
  • Varied craft and trade skills
  • User-friendly crafting system
  • Crafts can inherit traits from their ingredients
  • Name people and animals to keep track of who you've met
  • Advanced emote parser
  • Portable, persistent shelter
  • Masks and hoods to conceal identity
  • Find a job to earn money or even improve skills while offline
  • Build a boat and go fishing
More is always being added, so be sure to check back!

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